Agistri beaches & bathing spots on the small island

On the small island of Agistri you will find great beaches and bathing opportunities, which are absolutely necessary after the hustle and bustle on the Acropolis or Plaka in Athens and work wonders in terms of relaxation. On Agistri there are only 5 small villages, 2 taxis, 1 bus and no pressure to visit anything – a dream! With only around 1,000 inhabitants and not too many tourists, the beaches are accordingly quiet and not very crowded.

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Overview map of Agistri

Here you will find the BIG5 highlights of Agistri: The best activities, photo spots and things to do off the beaten track – and of course the beaches:

On Agistri you shouldn’t miss these BIG5 beaches

There are not many big sights on Agistri and you are on a Greek island in the middle of the Saronic Gulf. So what should you do Absolutely correct answer! The place to be is of course a “Paralia”, a beach! And there are many beaches on Agistri! Here you can find the BIG5 recommendations:

Agistri Beaches # 1: Dragonera Beach

  • Where is the Dragonera Beach? – On the west side of the island between Megalochori and Limenaria
  • Does Dragonera Beach cost entry? – No, but a minimum consumption is required for the loungers in the nearby bars
  • Are there stalls nearby? – Yes, there is a small beach bar with snacks and a large selection of cocktails and soft drinks

Between Limenaria in the south and Megalochori in the north, a winding road leads down to Dragonera Beach – cycling back up is not much fun, but it is possible. There is a cozy bar and loungers for rent on the beach.

It’s much quieter here than on the busy beaches of Skala and Megalochori with many bars and day visitors from the mainland. A great place to unwind and enjoy the picturesque landscape. Especially in front of the rocks in the western part, the turquoise-blue water looks simply fantastic.

You can also hike / climb around the first bend and here you have a quiet bathing resort away from the music of the beach bar.


Agistri Beaches #2: Aponisos Beach

  • Where is the Aponisos Beach? – The beach is located in the southwest of the island after passing through the village Limenaria (coming from Megalochori keep right)
  • Does the Aponisos Beach cost entry? – Yes, 5 euros (including lounger, parasol and drink)
  • Are there stalls nearby? – Yes, there is a restaurant at the entrance to the island – recommended for a delicious fish dish after bathing

This small beach in the southwest of the island is located in a bay between a private island and the mainland. The colors of the water here are really incredible, let yourself float in the turquoise-blue sea. Sometimes the edges are a bit rocky, but you can get into the water easily via a kind of ramp.

Caution: There are some sea urchins, so it’s best to pack bathing shoes.

Very close to the beach is the Apónēssos tavern, where you can fortify yourself with a delicious fish dish or local drinks after a long sunbath.

Coastal landscape at Aponisos Beach on Agistri

Agistri Beaches #3: Aquarius Beach

  • Where is the Aquarius Beach? – Right on the seafront in Skala, near the big church
  • Does Aquarius Beach cost entry? – No, but a minimum consumption is required for the loungers in the nearby bars
  • Are there stalls nearby? – Yes, on the seafront in Skala

This shallow sandy beach is particularly suitable for families. If you have your accommodation in Skala, you can easily reach it by bike or on foot.

Aquarius Beach is a great place to enjoy the sunset over the Saronic Gulf from a lounger with a cocktail in hand.


Agistri Beaches #4: Chalikiada Beach

  • Where is Chalikiada Beach? – Past the port of Skala and Skliri Beach on the east side of Agistri
  • Does Chalikiada Beach cost entry? – no
  • Are there stalls nearby? – No, bring your own food

From this beach on the east coast near Skala you have great views of the neighboring islands Aegina and Moni from the cliff above. The atmosphere here is rather free and relaxed and it is not uncommon to see visitors without swimwear or campers’ tents on the beach.

There are no bars or stalls here, and no loungers or parasols to rent. Be prepared and have the picnic basket packed well.

Insider tip: At the end of the beach you will find a cave – ideal for cooling your refreshments

Agistri Strände #5: Megalochori Beach

  • Where is Megalochori Beach? – Between Megalochori and Skala, near the port
  • Does Megalochori Beach cost entry? – No, only the sun loungers require a minimum consumption
  • Are there stalls nearby? – Yes, there is a restaurant and hotels on the promenade

Located very practically on the coastal road between Skala and Megalochori, depending on the location of the accommodation you can walk comfortably to the beach or go by bike or scooter.

The beaches here are equipped with sun loungers that you can either rent or use for free if you order drinks / snacks from the respective owner.

Megalochori Beach near the harbor, in the background Skala and the neighboring island Aegina

Bonus tip: Mariza Beach

Where is the Mariza Beach? – Coming from Megalochori, keep to the left in Limenaria, then you will reach Mariza via small paths
Does the Mariza Beach cost entry? – no
Are there stalls nearby? – No, you have to take care of the food yourself

Of course, the BIG5 beaches on Agistri have already been mentioned, but I definitely don’t want to withhold this tip from you.

You have to search something to find Mariza Beach. At first it seems like you are completely wrong. But don’t give up, it’s worth it, because: Who doesn’t want to jump off a cliff into the turquoise blue water? No problem in Mariza on Agistri, there are enough cliffs here.

There is a small, flat sunbathing area, partly made of concrete, but you will look in vain for a sandy beach between the rugged cliffs. Here you can do it in natural surroundings in the middle of the sea. But be careful, there are no ladders or other aids for climbing in and out, only the rock typical of Agistri.

There are no stalls here either, so don’t forget your food. The sea can get rough in the late afternoon, so a visit around lunchtime or in the early afternoon is a good idea.



As you can see, a trip fromAthensto Agistri is definitely worth it. The island is not as crowded with tourists as other island destinations from Athens such as the neighboring islands of Aegina or Hydra. Hustle and bustle off – relaxation on! For more information visit the official tourist website of the island.


You don’t just want to lie on the beach in Agistri, but want to discover even more on the island? Read on here: Agistri – Island dream & insider tip in the Saronic Gulf


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