Acropolis Ticket Queue – BIG5 Tips to avoid the crowds

You have planned a city trip to Athens and unfortunately only little time? You should definitely plan a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Acropolis in your day! Still, would you rather spend your valuable time visiting the sights of Athens than queuing at the Acropolis? You’re right. Are you looking for practical tips and pointers for your Acropolis ticket? Then you’ve come to the right place – save time with the BIG5 tips!

BIG5 tips on how to avoid the Acropolis ticket queue

Acropolis Tip # 1: Buy a combo ticket at another attraction

In addition to the Acropolis, the combi ticket from Athens also includes 6 historical sights, which are not all as heavily visited as the famous Acropolis. These are…

• the ancient agora of Athens (Greek agora) and the associated museum
Kerameikos and the Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos
• the Temple of Olympian Zeus (Olympieion)
• the Roman Agora of Athens with the Tower of the Winds
• the Hadrian’s library
Aristotle Lyceum (Lykeion Archaeological Site)

You can buy yourcombi ticket here, sometimes without having to queue!



So it is best to plan your day so that you can pass one of these points before your planned visit to the Acropolis. In my proposal for a self-guided city tour for a perfect day in Athens, the Olympieion or the Hadrian’s Library and both Agoras near Monasteraki Square are suitable.

The combined ticket currently costs 30 euros for all 7 attractions. Since the Acropolis alone would cost 20 euros (winter season: 10 euros), the additional price is quite reasonable – and of course the other historical places are also absolutely worth seeing.

Acropolis Tip # 2: Use the early morning

You already guessed that this tip was coming. “Earlier bird catches the worm” and such. But as is so often the case for Athens. The Acropolis opens at 8:00 a.m. and while many tour groups are still having breakfast with their Greek yogurt, you are already in front of the entrance – preferably a few minutes earlier!

In combination with tip # 1 (can you even buy a combined ticket on the previous day?) You are at least in the beginning without the large crowd in the Acropolis.

Getting up early has another advantage: You avoid the high midday heat! There is little shade on the Acropolis Hill, especially when visiting the various facilities – so be sure to pack enough water and sunscreen!

Städtereise Athen Sehenswürdigkeiten Reise Tipps Plan Akropolis Ticket: Aussichtspunkt der Akropolis mit wehender Griechenland Flagge

Acropolis Tip # 3: Use the off-peak times

Getting up early isn’t your thing? An alternative is the late afternoon! The Acropolis is open on normal visitor days in the high season until 8:00 p.m. (admission until 7:30 p.m.), so you can visit the famous sight in Athens in the late afternoon. Again, you avoid the midday heat!

A large number of the tourists come directly from the cruise ships during the day. As these groups are already on their way back to the ship in the late afternoon, the rush noticeably diminishes.

However, for a short queue, the late afternoon is less promising than the early morning, as some travelers use this tactic.



Acropolis Tip # 4: Travel out of high season

Traveling during the off-season and especially in the winter season can also ensure that the queue in front of Athens’ most famous sight is significantly shorter.

The best travel times for Athens are the summer months, spring (May) and autumn (September) direct hits: the main season! A trip in the peripheral months like April & October in combination with tip # 1 & # 2 makes a visit to the most famous sight in Athens much more relaxed.

Another tip for bargain hunters: in the winter season (November – March), the Acropolis entrance ticket costs only 10 instead of 20 euros.



Acropolis Tip # 5: Buy the Acropolis tickets online in advance

Ok, a combination ticket is not really worth it because of the limited time, getting up early is not an option and the travel time is already set to the main season?

Then you have the opportunity to buy the ticket online in advance on the official website.

There are also other combined offers with special extras:


Would you like to experience a great day in Athens and not miss anything? Then make planning your city break easier with the JOURNICATION article Things to do in Athens – A perfect day itinerary. Here you will find the plan for a self-guided city tour, the summary of the BIG5, checklists & maps.


Have fun in Athens and visit the world famous Acropolis 🇬🇷


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BIG5 tips to avoid the Acropolis line in Athens and save a lot of time on a perfect day in the Greek capital

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