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BIG5 - what ??

BIG5 here, BIG5 there. Every summary on JOURNICATION is full of it. If you are wondering what this is about, please:

BIG5 โ€“ you quickly think of a safari. And right, BIG5 is based on the 5 large animals that you should have seen on a safari in Africa. Lion, elephant, rhino, cheetah and buffalo. Of course there are many more to discover on a safari besides these animals. Giraffes, zebras, crocodiles โ€ฆ you name it.

One is more interested in the colorful bird life, the other in reptiles and the third one. just back for dinner at the lodge. After returning, most questions will be asked about the BIG5 and whether you saw it or how close you got.

Thatโ€™s exactly what I want to transfer to travel. Most of us have limited time, limited annual vacation, limited (travel) budget. Nevertheless, we want to see a lot, get to know many different cultures, try a lot โ€“ and still not miss anything.

Therefore I would like to tell you the โ€œBIG5โ€ from all my travel destinations. Everyone travels with different goals, different focus and in turn with different interests. But no matter where I am, I like the feeling that I have seen the main sights of a destination, visited the greatest cities in a country and tasted the typical local food.

One could certainly list the BIG10, BIG50 or BIG100 for every continent, every country or every city. Especially if you bring a lot of time. But as described in the introduction, who of us has this time? Therefore, on JOURNICATION I will show you the structured summary of the 5 highlights of each category โ€“ the BIG5.

Not too little, not too much. Makeable. With room for your own discoveries.



If you are interested in a real safari in Africa, at Safaris Africana youโ€™ll find all you need to know.

Grandios, dass du hier bist!

Aloha, ich bin Philipp, schรถn dich kennenzulernen!

Ich habe 100ย Lรคnder bereist und mรถchte mein Wissen und die Geschichten aus aller Welt mit dir teilen.

Komm mit und finde hier auf JOURNICATION Unterstรผtzung und Inspiration fรผr deine nรคchste Reiseplanung!

Praktische Zusammenfassungen, persรถnliche Empfehlungen und authentische Reiseberichte warten auf dich!

Als nรคchstes geht es nach:

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