Things to do in BOLZANO for one perfect day

In Bolzano in picturesque South Tyrol / Italy, many sights and things to do await you. Not only in the city, but also in the entire region. Whether a city trip for a day trip, a weekend or a longer vacation in South Tyrol, the city is definitely worth a visit. If you are short on time, you get all tips, checklists and maps here how to experience the highlights and activities of Bolzano in one day – without missing anything.

What do you learn in this article?

BIG5 Things to do in Bolzano

You don’t want to miss any sights? Find all the tips and your checklist for the city trip to Bolzano sights here:

BIG5 Bolzano – Speed Date


The grandiose overall package of food, wine and nature.


Accessibility without a car, bicycle thieves, too expensive a café on Waltherplatz


A walk along the Oswald promenade


Go shopping under the arbors on Saturdays (in bad weather), unless you love crowds

Don’t tell your mother:

The Bolzano “nightlife” can only be endured with a lot of alcohol

BIG5 Bolzano – Rapid Fire Q&A

  • How many days should I plan for a city trip to Bolzano? – For a city trip, 2 to 3 days are ideal. If you also want to explore the surrounding area and mountains, you can make it a week.
  • Is South Tyrol more Italian or more German? – In the shops they mainly speak Italian, but German is also good. The kitchen in particular combines the best of both worlds.
  • City or mountains? – City in bad weather, mountains in good weather and in high summer!
  • What to do in bad weather – In and around Bolzano there are a number of museums and great hotels with SPA offers.
  • Probably the best hotel fitness room in all of South Tyrol is located in Magda’s.
  • When is the best time to visit Bolzano? – Spring and autumn, preferably outside the holiday season and during the week.

BIG5 Bolzano – Orga

Best travel time for Bolzano

The best time to visit Bolzano is spring and autumn.

Arrival & Departure

Visa: Check here whether you need a visa for Italy with your passport

  • Flight: Via Innsbruck (IATA: INN), Verona (VRN), Venice (VCE), Milan (MXP) and then continue by train
  • Bus: There is a good and fast connection from Munich, if necessary change in Innsbruck
  • Train: There are very good connections from Munich / Innsbruck, Venice and Milan
  • Car: Often a lot of traffic, a nice stretch over the Fernpass.

Next it goes to … Meran, Venice, Milan (all Italy) or Innsbruck (Austria)

Accommodation / Hotels in Bolzano

Recommended location: For accommodation in Bolzano, we recommend the quarters above the city or the outskirts – watch out for the mountain view! The hotels in the city center are also well suited for exploring on foot

  • Budget: Goethe Guesthouse (Goethestr. 28, 39100 Bozen; € 70 double room), cozy rooms in an excellent location – in the middle of the historic city center
  • Medium: Life Apartment & City Bike (Via Vintler 6, 39100 Bozen; € 100 double room), superbly furnished apartment with whirlpool bathtubs and free bicycles
  • Medium: Hotel Eberle (Obermagdalena, 39100 Bozen; 130 € double room); Recommended hotel with unbeatable mountain views
  • Noble: Gloriette Hotel(Dorf 15, 39059 Oberbozen; ~ 170 € double room), THE hotel for a sports, wellness and spa stay in Bolzano! Including sauna area
  • Noble: Hotel Greif (Piazza Walther, IT-39100 Bozen; ~ 170 € double room), great hotel with pool and mountain view in the center of Bozen

Price Level

In Italy you pay with Euros (EUR)

Withdraw money: There are many ATMs in the city center

Beer indicator: Depends on the location, a good local beer (0.5 liters) is available in simple restaurants from around 3 euros

Cost of a taxi: The taxi in Bolzano costs a basic price of 3.50 euros + around 1.35 euros per kilometer

Public transport: You can use public transport (buses) in Bolzano for 1.50 euros per single trip, the day ticket for 4.00 euros

Restaurants, Bars & Cafés

  • Café Museion (Piero Siena Pl., 39100 Bozen) – cozy café handy for a coffee break before, between or after visiting the museum
  • Thaler (Laubengasse, Via dei Portici, 69, 39100 Bozen) – centrally located café with a great roof terrace
  • Fischbänke (Dr.-Josef-Streiter-Gasse, 28, 39100 Bozen) – beautiful outdoor terrace, the bruschettas are particularly recommended
  • Tree Brasserie (Piavestraße, 15, 39100 Bozen) – fine dining for a successful end to a perfect day in Bozen
  • Nada Mas (Piazza delle Erbe, 43/44, 39100 Bozen) – great, cozy ambience with vaults
  • Exil Lounge (Kornplatz, 2A, 39100 Bozen) – impressive vaults and a great selection of delicious cocktails – and of course local wines

BIG5 Bolzano – Activities

  • Take an extended city tour through the historical center of Bolzano
  • Discover the earth pyramids and the breathtaking panorama on the Renon
  • Enjoy the Törggelen – a South Tyrolean custom – the young wine and a hearty meat platter
  • Follow in Traces of Ötzi and if you are not superstitious, take a look at him in the archaeological museum
  • Take a long walk along the Oswald promenade

BIG5 Bolzano – Photo spots

  • Bolzano from above on the Oswald promenade
  • City panorama on Waltherplatz
  • Maretsch Castle in the middle of vineyards
  • The Karer Lake with mountain panorama
  • The bay windows and balconies of the Laubengasse


BIG5 Bolzano – Things to do off the beaten track

  • Lunch in the university canteen
  • Visit the NOI Techpark
  • Lunch in the inner courtyard of the White Grape
  • Weekly market on the other side of the Talfer
  • Törggelen in the Pfoshof

BIG5 Bolzano – Culinary Journey

You should definitely try these culinary highlights in Bolzano:

  • Schüttelbrot, bacon and cheese
  • Dumpling Tris
  • Schlutzkrapfen
  • Slaughter plate at Törggelen
  • Wine! South Tyrol is a world-famous wine region

BIG5 Bolzano – Communication

In South Tyrol, Italian and South Tyrolean are spoken

  • thank you – grace! / Thank you!
  • yes – Si! / Yeah!
  • no – No! / N / A!
  • Hello / Good afternoon – Ciao / Buongiorno! ; Hello / Griaß enk!
  • Bye / goodbye – Ciao / Arrivederci!

BIG5 Bolzano – Helpful Websites / Links

BIG5 Bolzano – Overview map for your city trip

Bolzano things to do highlights one day travel tips hotel recommendation: Enjoy the mountains of South Tyrol near Bozen

Let’s explore the best things to do in Bolzano

South Tyrol is without a doubt one of the most beautiful regions in the world by nature. German-Italian culture, Mediterranean flair, the Dolomites in the immediate vicinity, hiking, swimming, fantastic food and drink … in the midst of vineyards and against the backdrop of the Italian Alps lies a very special city that combines all of this: Bolzano.

A perfect day in Bolzano 🇮🇹 – here is your overview

Best suited for screenshots 📷📝

Your morning in Bolzano 

  • A morning lap on the Oswald promenade
  • Late breakfast at Café Museion or Osteria Dai Carrettai
  • Visit to the Museion and Archeology Museum
  • City tour with highlights such as Waltherplatz, Laubengasse and Bindergasse

Your afternoon in Bolzano 

  • Lunch in the Thaler above the roofs of Bolzano
  • Espresso and pralines in the Acherer
  • Maretsch Castle
  • With the gondola on the Renon and the earth pyramids
  • Alternatively: excursion to Lake Karer
  • Aperitivo at the fish banks

Your evening in Bolzano

  • Stroll through the old town, which is illuminated at night
  • Dinner in the Tree Brasserie
  • One to five wines at the fruit market


In addition to the BIG5, I have summarized the things to do in Bozen / Bolzano sights and the circular route for you in an overview map:

Click on the icon at the top left to use the full range of map options!

Things to do in Bolzano sights in the morning

The perfect start: morning walk, breakfast and world-famous culture

For early risers, a round along the Oswald promenade above Bolzano is a wonderful start to the day: in the morning it is wonderfully quiet here and you can watch the city slowly come to life from an (early) bird’s eye view.

At this point at the latest, the late risers can also get in: with breakfast. Those who like to have a sumptuous breakfast in the morning and want to get to know the diversity of South Tyrolean specialties can, for example, enjoy tasty little snacks on hand in good company in the Osteria Dai Carrettai – and maybe even the first glass of wine.

Otherwise, the classic Italian breakfast is rather manageable: cappuccino and brioche, possibly supplemented by a freshly squeezed orange-carrot-ginger juice, for example in the Café des Museions with a view of the Talferwiese. This is the starting point for some culture: The Museion stands for impressive architecture as well as extraordinary modern and contemporary art. Not far from there, you can then take a look at the legendary “Iceman” Ötzi in the archaeological museum(website) – one of the oldest mummies in the world!


Bolzano sights: city tour & culinary highlights of South Tyrol

Then it is worth strolling a little through the city: Via the fruit market, the colorful, lively square and heart of the old town center, further through the Laubengasse. This is one of the most popular and most visited streets of Bolzano and with its elegant and traditional shops is a kind of exclusive open-air shopping center. The facades with the characteristic bay windows are particularly worth seeing. You should also take some time to visit the two old pharmacies “Madonna” and “Black Eagle” A little detour to the picturesque Bindergasse is also worthwhile!



Another highlight of Bolzano is Waltherplatz, dedicated to the medieval poet Walther von der Vogelweide. Its imposing statue made of white Lasa marble adorns the central square of the city.



And then there is actually time for a little refreshment – and maybe the second glass of wine. Above the roof tops of Bolzano, you can dine very well on the Thalers terrace. The butler at the entrance to the arbor shows the way. For the espresso afterwards, it is worth visiting the Achererer, where there are wonderful macarons and pralines, or the Loacker, where you can buy one or the other original Bolzano souvenir.

Things to do in Bolzano sights in the afternoon

Fancy a little digestive walk? Then go to Maretsch Castle, not far from the city center, picturesquely situated between many vineyards. Enjoy the mountain panorama away from the hustle and bustle.

Bozen Bolzano Sights Highlights for one day Travel tips Hotel recommendation: Maretsch Castle in Bolzano

But now it’s time – it’s time to go up the mountain! Soprabolzano can be reached in a very short time by gondola or car. It’s cooler, quieter up here and the many hiking trails open up a wonderful panorama.

A classic is the hike to Klobenstein and back with the little train. The earth pyramids are a real natural spectacle, of which the highest and most beautifully shaped in Europe can be found up here on Renon: In Finsterbachgraben, Katzenbachgraben below Oberbozen and in Gasterergraben in Unterinn.



Alternatively, you can take a trip to Lake Karer, in whose impressive turquoise water the dark fir trees and peaks of the mountains are reflected.



Back in town for the aperitivo. A particularly nice place for the third glass of wine are the “Fischbänkle”. With its inspiring and at the same time decelerating effect, this location is wonderfully suited to recover from shopping, museum and hiking tours and to get in the mood for dinner.

Things to do in Bolzano sights in the evening

The Tree Brasserie offers a special setting for a successful end of the day. It is one of the first food sharing restaurants in Italy and is located in a beautiful garden, just a few steps away from Bolzano City Hall. In Art Nouveau style, it has the aura of a typical brasserie with simple, elegant tables and informal service in a cultivated, carefree atmosphere.

Later in the evening, the Nada Mas at the fruit market is the perfect place for one to three more glasses of wine. The Laurin piano bar or the Magdalener Hof’s lively bar & lounge are a bit more dignified. With the wine cellar from the 14th century, you are guaranteed never to be the oldest in the bar;)

Stroll back to your accommodation through the illuminated city center in the evening. A short digestive walk and at the same time a wonderful end to a perfect day in Bolzano.


Do you have more than one day in Bolzano?

Yes, great, there are still many great sights and activities for day trips from Bolzano, a long weekend in Bolzano or an extendedholiday in South Tyrol:

  • Follow in the footsteps of Sissi in Merano
  • Hiking in Jenesien
  • Visit the Messner Mountain Museum
  • Hike to the Alpe di Siusi
  • Törggelen, for example at the Pfoshof or Patscheider Hof


This article was written for you in collaboration with Katja Marie from the food & travel blog A blog with great travel destinations for everyone who enjoys life, loves small adventures, appreciates good things, perhaps has a slight tendency towards opulence, likes to laugh, eat, drink and don’t take themselves too seriously.


Now you know the best sights for a perfect day in Bolzano in picturesque South Tyrol, you know the best recommendations for hotels and restaurants. Have a great trip and enjoy yourself! 🇮🇹



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