5 Tips how to enjoy the City Walls of Dubrovnik alone

Who wouldn’t want great photos on the City Walls of Dubrovnik alone? Unfortunately not an easy undertaking: Not only since “Game of Thrones” selected Dubrovnik as the film location, the city is one of the most popular travel destinations on the Adriatic and can hardly save itself from visitors. In addition, there are the cruise tourists who flood the city in masses every day. But even after the city’s decision to only allow 2 large cruise ships per day from 2019, there is a lot going on in Dubrovnik’s Stari Grad, especially during the main season – and of course on the city wall.

BIG5 Tipps how to enjoy the City Walls of Dubrovnik alone

View from the imposing Minčeta tower

Tip #1: Be the “early bird” on the city wall of Dubrovnik

The unbeatable tip is and remains: Pay attention to the time!

The city wall of Dubrovnik opens at 8:00 a.m. – and that should be the time you buy your ticket and climb the stairs. Ideally, you already have bought the Ticket onlineupfront!

While others are still having breakfast and the mass of cruise tourists are just starting from the port of Gruz towards the old town, you are already taking the first photos on the wall.



Tip #2: Prefer flexible takeaway breakfast

Are you getting up early and you don’t want to have an empty stomach on the city walls of Dubrovnik? Absolutely understandable, that would also be unthinkable for me!

Tip for bargain hunters, those who are grumpy in the morning and travelers who sleep as long as possible and still don’t want to do without breakfast: Buy everything cheap in the supermarket to take away and in one of the cafés and restaurants on the way a coffee to go, which you can then top of the page Wall with a wonderful view. This saves you valuable time on the way to the ticket center and you can eat and drink flexibly when it suits you best.

In the supermarket you can also stock up on the necessary drinks so that you can drink enough liquid during the day! But there are also some stalls and refreshments on the wall.



Tip #3 to enjoy the City Walls of Dubrovnik alone: Avoid the high season

You could have guessed: Even a trip outside the high season works wonders to enjoy the city walls of Dubrovnik on your own. The busiest in Dubrovnik is in the summer months of July and August. This is the highest chance of great weather, but it can also quickly become uncomfortably hot – especially on the city wall, where you can find little shade.

If you are a bit flexible in your travel time, May and June with early summer warm temperatures are ideal, as are September and October.

In the fall and winter months you have a very good chance that there are few tourists in the city, but the risk of unsuitable weather (whatever that means for you) is also significantly higher. In addition, quite a few sights and restaurants in Dubrovnik have closed in the winter months to recover from the turbulent summer.

In combination with tip #1 you have a very good chance of experiencing an unforgettable (beautiful!) Time on the wall!



Tip #4: Use the cruise calendar as a guide

If possible, take a look at the cruise calendar! When do how many ships dock? On which days is it quieter? Of course, this kind of planning also requires a lot of flexibility.

And since 2019, this tip has not been quite as effective since the city of Dubrovnik itself has limited the number of large cruise ships to just 2 per day.

Nevertheless, you should keep an eye on the cruise calendar. Practical websites for this are:

Tip #5: Reduce the waiting time with Skip-the-line tickets

With offers like the Dubrovnik Card you can shorten the waiting time because you no longer have to buy tickets.

Unfortunately, this tip only helps you to save time when queuing, and special, pre-purchased tickets do not make the wall any less crowded.


There are also other combined offers with special extras:


Another tip is the website “Avoid the Crowds” where you can get up-to-the-minute forecasts of the expected number of visitors.



Now you have all the important information to enjoy the city walls of Dubrovnik on your own. You can find a detailed plan for a great time in Dubrovnik with all the important information and everything you need to know about visiting the city walls of Dubrovnik here:


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Have the Dubrovnik City Walls for yourself - The best tips to avoid the tourist crowd


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