Highlights of Herzegovina – Your perfect day trip

Herzegovina surprises with many sights and enchants you with its picturesque landscape, turquoise rivers and numerous historical traces, especially from the Ottoman period. Start a day trip into the world outside of Mostar‘s tourist hustle and bustle during your city break. Discover the Kravice waterfalls, the medieval village of Pocitelj and the Dervish monastery Blagaj with the karst spring Vrelo Bune.

What do you learn in this article?

You shouldn’t miss these highlights in Herzegovina

In Herzegovina you follow the traces of the Ottoman rule, which decisively shaped the Balkan region for around 500 years. Mosques and minarets can be seen in all old towns and mix with Christian or Orthodox churches and medieval fortresses. However, the sad scars of the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia, destroyed and abandoned buildings, bullet holes in many houses, the stories of contemporary witnesses are still visible today.

A day trip from Mostar through Herzegovina is highly recommended.

There is something for everyone here: the Kravice waterfalls (-> landscape), the medieval village of Pocitelj (-> culture & history) and the old Dervish monastery Blagaj with the mountain spring of the Buna river as a natural spectacle.

There are many tour providers on site, personally I used the offer of our accommodation (Mirror Hostel in Mostar) for 25 euros per person, not in the unclimatised minivan, but in the chic private vehicle of a well-known German automobile manufacturer! You can’t get more relaxed and individual.
Depending on the weather conditions and the time of day, the tour can be done in one direction or the other. The guide will decide that spontaneously.

Watch out bargain hunters: definitely book your tour on site, it is much cheaper here.

Herzegonvina Highlights: The Kravice waterfalls

Let’s go to the beach … near Mostar ?? Far from the sea, there is a popular place for locals and tourists, especially in midsummer: the waterfalls of Kravice. At not uncommon 40 degrees, the small lake at the foot of the 26-28 meter high cascades offers a welcome cool-down.

A little more than an hour’s drive from Mostar, this gem offers a great change. Unfortunately, you can’t really escape the tourist crowds here, so “the early bird and so on” … you know that.

Fortunately, the area is still designated as a nature reserve and has therefore not yet been built up. Nevertheless, there is a small café and some local traders with delicious local products.


Herzegonvina Highlights: The medieval village of Pocitelj

What can I say? A dream! Manageable size, so that you can explore almost all corners despite the limited time. Great views ascending and descending and discovering the bow and fortress.

The small town of Pocitelj is picturesquely situated on a mountain slope above the Neretva river. After the Ottomans conquered the Balkans, typical buildings were erected: a mosque, a hammam, and a han (inn). Due to the strategically important location of the place, the fortress was continuously enlarged, the walls further and further strengthened.

The ascent to the fortress is sometimes steep, but the view from the slope and above all compensates for some spilled drops of sweat. In contrast to many known places, the fortress walls are not cordoned off or specially secured. So you can move around freely and climb towers and walls at will.

On the way down you can still buy fresh fruits or their juice from the women of the place. Pomegranates in particular are known for the region.


Dervish Monastery Blagaj & the spectacular mountain spring Vrelo Bune

Here you will find several sights in one place: The old Dervish monastery Tekija from the 16th century is still considered one of the holiest places in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Buna River rises from the karst spring Vrelo Bune right next to the monastery. Large masses of water flow out of the middle of the mountain. The picturesque photo backdrop is completed by huge rock cliffs that rise above the scenery. Impressive!

The monastery can be visited for a small fee and gives you new perspectives on the scenery.

On and on (!) The river there are many restaurants that offer refreshments after the trip.


So plan one more day in Mostar and go on a journey of discovery in Herzegovina! 🇧🇦

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Things to do in Herzegovina - Travel Tips and Highlights in a one day itinerary - Pocitelj, Kravice, Blagaj, Mostar


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