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You only have one day in Mostar / Bosnia & Herzegovina and still don’t want to miss the best things to do and highlights? No problem at all with the travel tips and BIG5 checklists from JOURNICATION! Admittedly, I had never heard of a city called Mostar before planning for the great Balkan adventure – or had skilfully ignored it so far. How could I ! Mostar Bridge is definitely one of the sights and highlights of the Balkans, world famous and beautiful. Take a city trip to Mostar, the known-unknown Balkan hotspot.

What do you learn in this article?

BIG5 Mostar

You don’t want to miss any attraction? Find your checklists, travel guide & tips for the Mostar city trip here:

BIG5 Mostar – Speed Date


All sights are concentrated around the “Stari Most” (the old bridge), everything can be easily explored on foot


The big wave of tourists reaches its peak around noon when day trippers arrive from Dubrovnik


Enjoy the old town and bridge “alone” in the early hours of the morning – thanks to the many day-trippers from Dubrovnik, the city can get really crowded


Don’t let the rain put you off – this is where you can walk across the bridge without other tourists

Don’t tell your mother:

Jumping off the bridge is perilous, leave that to the “professionals”!

BIG5 Mostar – Rapid Fire Q&A

  • How many days to plan for Mostar? – A few hours are enough for the city’s BIG5. Mostar is also a great starting point for tours through Herzegovina, so there are 1-2 overnight stays
  • When is the best time to travel? – In summer it can get very hot due to the boiler location and can get very crowded due to the day cruise tourists from Dubrovnik. The off-season is recommended!
  • Can you jump off the bridge yourself? – Looks simple, but absolutely not recommended because it is extremely dangerous. However, you can get crash courses from the “professionals”
  • Where should the accommodation be located? – It is advisable to book accommodation in the center, so that the old town, bridge and all other sights are within easy walking distance
  • Mostar, and then? – The city is ideal for a day tour of Herzegovina or the onward journey to Dubrovnik!

BIG5 Mostar – Orga

Best travel time for Mostar

Nice warm weather prevails especially from May to September. You should avoid the rainy winter months from November to February.

Arrival & Departure to Mostar

Visa: Check here whether you need a visa for Bosnia and Herzegovina with your passport

  • Flight: It is best to fly to Sarajevo, the International Airport (IATA: SJJ) is served by many airlines every day
  • Bus: From / to Sarajevo (approx. 2 1/2 – 3 hours, max. 10 euros, several times a day)
  • Bus: From / to Dubrovnik / Croatia. If there is a choice, do NOT try to take the route via Neum: this will save you two border crossings with the risk of long traffic jams and wasted time!

Next it goes to …Sarajevo / Bosnia Herzegovina or Dubrovnik/ Croatia

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Accommodation / Hotels in Mostar

  • Recommended location: The “Stari Most” should be within walking distance at your discretion
  • Budget: Hostel Mirror (Brace Krpo 7, 88000 Mostar; ~ 8 € dormitory, ~ 20 € double room), small but nice with a warm owner, excellent breakfast and affordable Herzegovina tour
  • Medium: Pansion Villa Nur (Jusovina 8b, 88000 Mostar; ~ 30 €), breakfast terrace with a view of the bridge
  • Noble: Hotel-Restaurant Kriva Ćuprija (Onescukova 23, 88000 Mostar; ~ 40-50 €), medieval flair

Price level in Mostar

Withdraw money: No problem, there are many ATMs in the city center

Beer indicator: 0.5 liter can in the supermarket = 1 mark (~ 0.5 euros); 3.50 – 6.00 marks in the restaurant

Cost of a taxi: basic price ~ 3 marks, then 1 mark per kilometer

Restaurants in Mostar

  • Urban Grill (Kujundžiluk, Mostar 88000; middle price segment, from ~ 5 €) – certainly one of the best “Dinner with a view” locations
  • Divan (Onešćukova, Mostar 88000; middle price segment) – Nice terrace area on the small tributary Radobolja
  • Meet & Eat (Huse Maslića, Mostar 88000; cheap) – Do you fancy pizza more than Balkan cuisine? Then this modern shop is just right for you
  • Café Alma (Rade Bitange, Mostar 88000) – cozy café and coffee roaster

BIG5 Mostar – Activities

  • Discover the area around and around the “Stari Most” (old bridge) – don’t forget your photo shoot!
  • Make yourself comfortable on the beach opposite the bridge and watch the jumpers! The Red Bull Cliff Diving 2015 was a special event
  • Take a day trip through Herzegovina
  • Climb the minaret of the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque for a spectacular panoramic view of the city and the bridge
  • Visit the “War Photo Exhibition” for insights into the history of the country and meaning for the people

BIG5 Mostar – Photo spots

  • Great panorama from the minaret of the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque (6 euros entry)
  • Go to the Lučki Most: a normal traffic bridge with a view of the Stari Most
  • Beach under the bridge – especially good for snapshots of the jumpers
  • Small bridge over the Radobolja river in front of the Black Dog Pub – including old stone houses as a background
  • The restaurant roof terraces in the old town offer an excellent panorama – even at night

BIG5 Mostar – Attractions off the beaten track

  • Mostar Sniper Tower – Former bank that spread terror in the city as a location for snipers during the Bosnian war. Today an outdoor graffiti gallery
  • Partisan necropolis – crumbling memory of the resistance in World War II
  • Cafe de Alma – great café for a Bosnian coffee
  • Stjepan Grad – Medieval fortress above Blagaj
  • Day tour to Josip Tito’s secret nuclear bunker

BIG5 Mostar – Culinary Journey

  • Ćevapi / Ćevapčići – classics of Balkan barbecues and typical of meat-based cuisine served with flatbread, kaymak (cheese) and onions
  • Black wine – a specialty from the growing areas near Mostar
  • Try the pomegranate specialties of Herzegovina, e.g. juice
  • Bosnian coffee (Bosanska Kava) – corresponds to the Turkish version, even if not everyone would admit it immediately. Enjoy cheap, tasty and best enjoyed in small cafés in the company of locals
  • A cool Mostarsko Pivo – the local beer

BIG5 Mostar – Communication

  • thank you – zahvalnosti
  • yes – da
  • no – ne
  • hello – Zdravo / Dobar dan
  • good bye – Zbogom

BIG5 Mostar – Helpful Websites / Links

  • Official Website of Mostar
  • Would you like to experience Mostar from a completely different perspective? How about a city rafting tour on the Neretva:


BIG5 Mostar – Overview Map for your city trip

These are the BIG5 Things to do in Mostar

After around 3 1/2 hours of a pretty relaxed bus ride from Sarajevo we arrive in “Mostar Central” – certainly not the most beautiful area of ​​the city. But don’t worry, backpack and off to the accommodation.
In Mostar, too, accommodation in the city center is the key, making everything easily accessible on foot and uncomplicated. We also walk from the (bus) train station.

Mostar is fairly simple in terms of sightseeing: everything is centered around the bridge. The same applies to restaurants & cafés. We had specially made a map with all the sights, but walking around the bridge inevitably leads to most places.

Let’s go to the bridge – THE highlight of the city and definitely one of the most famous photo motifs in the country, if not the whole Balkans.

The Stari Most – the tourist epicenter of Herzegovina

Famous “Stari Most” (old bridge) over the Neretva River was built by the Ottomans in the 16th century and destroyed in the Bosnian War in 1993. The newly erected bridge is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You will find ‘Don’t Forgetstones in the city also remind of the tragic destruction. One of them can be seen near the bridge on the roadside.

Once here, the bridge must of course be photographed from as many different angles as possible. Keep your fingers crossed that there is not too much going on …


Things to do in Mostar: Stroll through the Čaršija

On both sides of the bridge, narrow streets wind towards the bridge, full of cafes, souvenir shops and local craft shops. Especially here near the bridge it can get very crowded and crowded. Don’t get infected, the bridge won’t run away.

Enjoy the Ottoman flair of the products and relax from the hustle and bustle on one of the terraces with a view of the Stari Most – of course with a Bosnian coffee!


Things to do in Mostar: Watch the “Bridge Jumpers” from Mostar

Oh, who is this young man in sexy tight speedos and he also collects money … Don’t be surprised about this spectacle, which has a long tradition in Mostar. They are bridge jumpers who – encouraged by the donations of the tourists – jump from the bridge courageously.

Die Brückenspringer von Mostar - ein besonderes Highlight

Everything looks simple, is actually life-threatening without the right technology and experience. In addition, quite uncomfortable, the Neretva is extremely cold even in the summer months.

Relax and watch the jumpers from a safe distance – preferably from the beach.

Things to do in Mostar: Visit the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque

The mosque is considered one of the most beautiful in Herzegovina – and not only because of the great view of the city and the bridge from the minaret. The 6.00 euro entry seems expensive for the region, but it is absolutely worth it!

Inside the mosque you will find elaborately decorated ceilings and walls as well as small craft shops with souvenirs.

Things to do in Mostar Highlights one day itinerary Balkans road trip: View from the minaret of the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque

Travel tip to have this view: Invest the small entry fee of Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque and climb the minaret for spectacular panoramic views over old town and bridge.

Things to do in Mostar: Immerse yourself in the eventful history of the city

Like Sarajevo, Mostar has a very eventful history. The city was besieged for nine months (!) during the Bosnian War.

The scars of war can be seen everywhere in the cityscape. Embark on a search for traces. Visit the Sniper Tower, now a kind of outdoor gallery and very popular with grafitti artists. Discover abandoned and still destroyed buildings in the middle of the city center, bullet holes from grenades and handguns and last but not least street art, with which the experience is to be processed.


There are other “sightseeing points” like the Bruce Lee statue in Zrinjski City Park – but it shouldn’t be called BIG5 for nothing. You want the 5 highlights – you get the 5 highlights!

Our hostel – the mirror hostel – was great, the owner really nice. Like many Bosnians, she spoke a little German. She experienced the war with grenade fire in the basement of the neighboring hospital. Today, after the fall of the former Yugoslavia, many struggle with unemployment in the city, which is why she opened her pension.


Things to do in Mostar Herzegovina Highlights Little Iguaçu in the Balkans: The Kravice waterfalls

Mostar is a perfect starting point for impressive day trips to the Highlights of Herzegovina and the onward journey to Sarajevo or Dubrovnik:


Now you know the BIG5 Things to do in Mostar! What are you waiting for at the famous Stari Most 🇧🇦

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