Neuschwanstein Castle Tickets & BIG5 travel tips

In the popularity scale for destinations in Germany for travelers from all over the world, Schwangau in the Allgäu with the royal castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau is sure to be among the first places. Immerse yourself in a world full of romance and typical Bavarian culture. Here you can find out everything about booking the Neuschwanstein tickets and planning a perfect day in the Allgäu.

What do you learn in this article?

BIG5 Neuschwanstein Castle tickets & travel plan

You don’t want to miss any sights? Find all the tips and your checklist for the trip to Neuschwanstein Castle here:

BIG5 Neuschwanstein Castle – Speed Date


The view from the Marienbrücke to Neuschwanstein Castle – like a picture!


The area around the castles is very touristy and expensive. But who is surprised …?


If possible, reserve your ticket online before your arrival – especially during the high season in the summer months it can get very crowded and your desired time may already be taken.


Don’t be stressed out by the many tourists and large groups. Unfortunately inevitable in a place like this.

Don’t tell your mother:

Some tourists scramble to the most daring places despite unsuitable footwear to get a special perspective of the castle – I know you are more sensible!

BIG5 Neuschwanstein Castle – Rapid Fire Q&A

  • How many days should I plan for the locks? – One visit to the castles is enough, if you want to explore the region a little better and do everything relaxed, you should plan for 2-3 days
  • Aren’t the locks hopelessly overflowing and the tours short and timed? – Yes that’s true. Nevertheless, everything is absolutely worth seeing and a great experience!
  • I don’t have a Neuschwanstein ticket yet, does it make sense to travel anyway? – Yes, you often get a ticket or two. But especially in the high season in summer you can be unlucky.
  • Where should I book my accommodation? – Booking directly in Hohenschwangau is of course not cheap, but very relaxed because everything is so easy to reach on foot … and there is no stress with parking spaces
  • Should you visit both royal castles? – I personally have been to both, but in principle only Neuschwanstein Castle would be enough. To take the whole story about King Ludwig II with you, it is better to visit both.

BIG5 Neuschwanstein Castle – Orga

Best Travel Time

Neuschwanstein Castle can be visited all year round. The landscape around the castle changes with the seasons and gives the magnificent building an ever new frame.

Arrival & Departure

Visa: Check here whether you need a visa for Germany with your passport

  • Flight: The international airports within reach are Munich (MUC) and Stuttgart (STR)
  • Train: Füssen train station and then by public transport to Hohenschwangau
  • Car: You can drive directly to Hohenschwangau. Parking spaces currently cost 7.00 euros per day

Next it goes to … Munich / Germany, Innsbruck or Salzburg / both Austria


Recommended location: It is particularly practical if you book a hotel directly in Hohenschwangau and everything is within easy walking distance. There are cheaper alternatives in the neighboring municipalities of Füssen and Schwangau

  • Budget: Bavaria City Hostel (Reichenstraße 15, 87629 Füssen; ~ 30 € dormitory), good location in the pedestrian zone of Füssen, the royal palaces can be reached by public transport or on foot
  • Medium: Hotel Fantasia (Ottostrasse 1, 87629 Füssen; ~ 70 € single, 90 € double), convenient location in a short walking distance to Füssen train station, great hotel in an old Art Nouveau villa – garden with mountain view
  • Medium: Hotel Kleiner König (Kienbergweg 10 – 12, 87645 Schwangau; 80 € single, 150 € double), cozy guest house in Schwangau with a view of the castles
  • Medium: Hotel Müller (Alpseestraße 16, 87645 Hohenschwangau; 110 € single room; ~ 120 € double room), great location directly in Hohenschwangau on the paths to the royal palaces
  • Noble: Ameron Neuschwanstein Alpsee Resort & Spa (Alpseestraße 21, 87645 Schwangau; from 230 € double room). A little more luxury during your stay in Hohenschwangau? The 4 * resort hotel is absolutely recommendable not only because of its unique location, beautifully divided over several buildings and castle view at breakfast.

Price level

The currency in Germany is the Euro (EUR).

Withdraw money: There are ATMs in Hohenschwangau, no problem

Beer indicator: 3.70 – 4.80 euros for 0.5 liters in the restaurant

Taxi costs: base price: 4.00 euros; Price per kilometer: 1.90 euros (day & night)


  • Schloss Braustüberl (Alpseestrasse 25, 87645 Schwangau) directly in Hohenschwangau with a view of the castles
  • Schlossbrauhaus Schwangau (Gipsmühlweg 5, 87645 Schwangau), also easy to reach on foot
  • Fine Bavarian cuisine: Lisl restaurant in the building of the former castle hotel ((Alpseestraße 25, 87645 Schwangau)

BIG5 Neuschwanstein Castle – Activities

  • Visit the world famous Neuschwanstein Castle (ok, that was foreseeable)
  • Go on a discovery tour around the castle – for example to the Marienbrücke or the Pöllatschlucht
  • Visit Ludwig’s “parental home” Hohenschwangau Castle
  • Circle the Alpsee – at least to the Pindar-Platz
  • Relax after a long day of sightseeing and hiking in the spa area of the hotel or the Kristalltherme in Schwangau

BIG5 Neuschwanstein Castle – Photo spots

  • On the way from Neuschwanstein Castle to Marienbrücke at Hohenschangau Castle and the mountain panorama
  • From the observation deck below the Neuschwanstein castle gate
  • At the Pindar point directly on the banks of the Alpsee
  • From the Marienbrücke or the viewpoints a little further up on the other side
  • From the country road between Hohenschwangau and Schwangau to Neuschwanstein Castle on the mountain slope


BIG5 Neuschwanstein Castle – Things to do off the beaten track

  • Discover the old town of Füssen with its castle, monastery and many cafés
  • Hike up the Tegelberg (or use the cable car) with great views of the castle
  • Cross the bridge over the Lechfall near Füssen
  • Enjoy a theater or musical performance in the Festspielhaus
  • Stroll through the village of Schwangau and along the Forggensee

BIG5 Neuschwanstein Castle – Culinary Journey

  • Roast pork with dumplings and cabbage
  • Bavarian sausage salad
  • Cheese spaetzle – a classic of southern German cuisine and especially Allgäu
  • Local Allgäu beer – straight from the brewery or brands like “König Ludwig”
  • Weisswurst with pretzels and sweet mustard – actually only until 12 a.m.

BIG5 Neuschwanstein Castle – Communication

In Germany one speaks German, of course, the local dialect is from the region Allgäu

  • thank you – Dangschee / Gelt’s Gott
  • yes – ja
  • no – noi
  • hello – Servus / Griasdi / Griasdigott
  • goodbye – Pfiat di /Wiederschaun

BIG5 Neuschwanstein Castle – Helpful Websites / Links

BIG5 Neuschwanstein Castle- Overview Map for your visit

Your perfect day at the Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein royal castles

You only have limited time in the beautiful Allgäu or only in transit and still don’t want to miss the highlights at the royal castles? Do you have any questions about the Neuschwanstein tickets? Then you are exactly right here!

Before your trip: Reserve Neuschwanstein tickets online

First things first: You can reserve tickets online for Neuschwanstein Castle before the trip – and that’s exactly what I recommend!

You have already secured a time for your tour and can plan accordingly – without a relaxed breakfast, because the queue in front of the ticket center is getting longer and longer …

All important information for you shortly:

  • You can only get into the castles in connection with a guided tour
  • You can reserve the Neuschwanstein tickets online at the Hohenschwangau ticket center
  • The cost is currently 25 euros for both castles, 13 euros for Neuschwanstein alone (for adults)
  • Guided tours take place in Neuschwanstein Castle every 5 minutes (no joke!), Alternating in different languages
  • Be in time for the start of the tour in the castle courtyard of Neuschwanstein (10 minutes beforehand), otherwise you missed the chance – there is no refund
  • The tours last about 35-40 minutes
  • Audio guides / headphones are included – and really necessary for the group size
  • Unfortunately, no photos may be taken during the tour

Is it worth visiting Neuschwanstein Castle and buying tickets?

Short answer: YES!

My reasoning: As you can see, with the tact time you are in Neuschwanstein Castle far away from leisurely strolling through the imposing rooms and debauched speeches of the guide. An average of around 6,000 visitors are guided through the castle every day, around 1.4 million a year!

Nevertheless, the fairytale castle of King Ludwig II is simply worth seeing – at least once in a lifetime! The completed rooms and halls are extremely magnificently designed and decorated, exciting details can be found everywhere. Each room has a leitmotif from an opera by Richard Wagner. You shouldn’t miss the throne room, the winter garden, a castle-owned grotto and the impressive singing room!

Another note about the hotel on site:

Choose the location of the hotel wisely, being there in the morning can save a lot of time and nerves.
The Ameron Neuschwanstein Alpsee Resort & Spa in Hohenschwangau offers a picturesque location on the Alpsee and will only reopen in 2019 after new construction and renovation work.



A perfect day at the royal palaces 🇩🇪 – here is your overview:

Take your screenshot 📷📝

  • Visit the Hohenschwangau Castle
  • Walk to Pindar Platz on Alpsee
  • Traffic jam in Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Enjoy the picturesque panorama on the Marienbrücke
  • Relax in the hotel or the crystal spa in Schwangau
  • Reward yourself with a hearty dinner

Click on the icon at the top left to use the full range of map options!

Start here with a proper breakfast before the long day.
It starts with a visit to the royal castles. If possible, you should have reserved Neuschwanstein tickets before arrival. You can choose the order you like, as a rule the tour in Hohenschwangau Castle is earlier than that in Neuschwanstein – this is simply due to the rush.

Visit the Hohenschwangau Castle

Your tour time in Neuschwanstein Castle is usually a few hours later than in Hohenschwangau due to the different crowds – so start here.

Climb the steps to the yellow castle. The ascent is significantly shorter than up to Neuschwanstein on the mountain and takes only a few minutes.

The yellow castle is the family home of King Ludwig II, where he and his brother spent much of their childhood. So in order to maintain the historical chronology, a visit here is advisable.

With the tour you will get into the rooms of the Bavarian King Maximilian II, the father of Ludwig, the tour full of interesting information about the royal family, life in the Allgäu and the castle history takes about 30 minutes. So it makes sense to buy the combined ticket together with Neuschwanstein Castle.



Walk to Pindar Platz on Alpsee

A look at the clock: when does your tour in Neuschwanstein Castle begin? It takes about 30 minutes to walk up to the top. Do you still have some time? Then take a leisurely stroll around the Alpsee, from where you can take a completely new perspective on the town of Hohenschwangau and the castles.

The whole round takes about 1 1/2 hours. Is that too far for you? Ok, fair enough. Until Pindar Platz about 10 minutes from the steps to Hohenschwangau Castle, you should still walk. A rock ridge forms a natural viewing platform over the lake with a great view of the castles and the village of Hohenschwangau.



Marvel at Neuschwanstein Castle

You shouldn’t miss this world-famous sight on a trip to southern Germany.

You have 3 alternatives for the way to the castle:

  • On foot: The ascent to the castle takes about 30 minutes uphill on foot.
  • By horse-drawn carriage: The departure is at the Hotel Müller near the ticket center. Can’t miss you The trip costs 6 euros per person uphill, 3 euros down again. You can feel very sorry for the animals – especially on slippery asphalt.
  • By bus: Departure is at the Schlosshotel Lisl, the exit near the Marienbrücke (around 10 minutes walk to the castle). Cost point ~ 2 euros for the journey up.

It’s best to plan a few more minutes to take the first photos from the observation deck below the entrance. A seat at the front – without disturbing other people in the picture – can take as long as you want.



You should be in the yard at least 10 minutes before the tour. You can use these 10 minutes for a short tour of the overview and especially for the view of the Marienbrücke, which spans the Pöllatschlucht spectacularly opposite the castle.

Around 6,000 people visit the castle every day. This is only possible with well-timed logistics. A tour begins every 5 minutes, always in a different language. The tour leads through the rooms on the first, third and fourth floors, which were still completed during Ludwig II’s lifetime.

Particularly impressive are the throne room with the elaborate mosaic floor, the bedroom with detailed woodwork in the Romanesque style and the technical innovations such as Bavaria’s first telephone. The small winter garden, the grotto and the magnificent singing hall are also worth seeing.

Unfortunately, no photos may be taken.

As expected, the tour does not dawdle and get lost in details. Everything only works if the many groups move through the castle at about the same speed.

Would you like a souvenir or a cappuchino in the castle’s own café? No? Then it goes straight down several stairs, past the well-equipped castle kitchen in its original condition and out into the open.


Enjoy the picturesque panorama on the Marienbrücke

If you’re up here, you can go ahead! You now walk around the castle, practical to admire the building from completely different perspectives. On the way up you walk past a great viewpoint for Hohenschwangau and the Alpsee with an enchanting mountain panorama.

Neuschwanstein Tickets travel plan perfect day: Great view of Hohenschwangau castle and town, the Alpsee and the mountain panorama

And now let’s go to the bridge! From here you have THE view of the full splendor of Neuschwanstein Castle. Since there is also a bus stop from the valley nearby, there is always a lot going on on the bridge, as it is no problem for the lazy to stop by here. A must for every Neuschwanstein visitor.

Tip: If you go a little higher behind the bridge, there are additional viewpoints and photo spots. But you’ve probably already spotted the people on the slope …



If you visit the castles in winter or when the weather is bad, ask the ticket center if the bridge is open at all.

Exciting hiking trails start behind the Marienbrücke in the direction of Tegelberg and the Bleckenau hut – if you have brought a little more time into the region.

Relax in the hotel or the crystal spa in Schwangau

Now you’ve really hiked enough for today. The only question that still arises: is the next way to the hotel first or already to dinner?

A sauna session followed by a swim in the pool is really the greatest after such a day of sightseeing in the hustle and bustle of tourists. If your hotel is not equipped accordingly, I recommend the Kristall-Terme Schwangau. Enjoy, you deserve it!

Reward yourself with a hearty dinner

This can only be topped by a hearty Bavarian snack with local beer. Try out the BIG5 of culinary delights from local cuisine such as roast pork, sausage salad or Allgäu cheese spaetzle!

Attention: The culinary offerings diminish quite promptly on site when the day tourists are on their way home. Some restaurants in Hohenschwangau close at 6 p.m. in summer and earlier in winter.

I recommend the Schloss Braustüberl (Alpseestraße 25, 87645 Schwangau) directly in Hohenschwangau with a view of the castles, the SchlossbrauhausSchwangau (Gipsmühlweg 5, 87645 Schwangau), or for fine Bavarian cuisine the Lisl Restaurant in the building of the former castle hotel ((Alpseestraße 25, 87645 Schwangau).



Well then, “An Guadn” (good appetite in Bavarian), enjoy it!


Do you have any further questions or suggestions about the travel plan and the Neuschwanstein tickets? Feel free to write to me!

Otherwise: pack your suitcase and off you go, strike the world-famous royal castles off your bucket list! 🇩🇪


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