How to reach Odessa Catacombs by bus?

You want to reach the Odessa Catacombs by bus or other public transport, but you don’t know exactly how? A cab to the catacombs is too expensive? Then this article is just right for you! It explains how you can travel to the Odessa Catacombs and the Museum of Heroic Partisans by public transport and save money on your trip to Ukraine.

What are you learning in this article?

Where is the best entrance to the Odessa Catacombs?

The Odessa Catacombs are the largest in the world. The incompletely mapped system of tunnels and natural karst cavities stretches over 2,500 kilometers (!) in the urban area of the Ukrainian port city of Odessa.

Today’s official entrance to the Catacombs Museum is in Nerubajske (Нерубайське) about 17 kilometers west of Odessa.

Odessa_Catacombs_Katakomben_Odesa_Ukraine_things to do_Sehenswürdigkeiten_Reisetipps_Highlights_tips: The entrance to the catacombs

There are other entrances, but only a few are open to the public. If you don’t want to travel to the Odessa Catacombs on your own, you can also join a guided tour.

How to reach the Odessa Catacombs by bus?

Which bus line goes to Odessa Catacombs?

Getting to the Catacombs by public transport from the center of Odessa is not so easy at first sight. It also took me a bit longer to find my way “without English”:

Take bus line 84 (the number is written above the windshield of each bus) to Nerubajske from the western bus station “Avtovokzal” or already from the Odessa main station. Attention: It does not leave from the bus station, but from the bus stop on the big main road E95. The bus will take you directly to the center of Nerubajske, where the tourist entrance of the catacombs is located.

Where exactly you can get on the bus, I have marked for you in this map:


The drive from Odessa to Nerubajske takes about 25-30 minutes.



Important for the return trip to the center of Odessa: From the catacombs back to Odessa you take the bus line 84 again.

How much is the bus fare to Odessa Catacombs?

It depends on where you get on the bus. From the center of Odessa the one-way ticket costs about 10-15 UA. This corresponds to about 0,30 – 0,50 Euro. So the trip by public bus is much cheaper than by cab. So you can save good money on your Odessa city trip.

Attention: Card payments were not yet possible in September 2021, so have enough cash with you!

How to pay in a public bus in Odessa?

You pay the driver just before you get off. This is also how you make it clear to him that you want to get off at a certain stop.

What are the highlights of the Odessa Catacombs?

The huge tunnel system is very impressive in itself. The largest catacombs in the world are not in Paris or Rome, but in Odessa, Ukraine.

During World War II, in addition to many civilians, a large group of partisans hid here in the fight against the Romanian occupiers – the above-ground museum is also dedicated to them. As a visitor of the catacombs you can still get an idea of the life under the ground at that time:

Among other things, there is an old command post, a classroom and an infirmary to see.




The catacombs are not fully mapped and prepared for travelers. So you should definitely not venture into the obscure dark tunnel system on your own. Again and again there are fatalities.

For the catacombs, I therefore recommend a guided tour:


You are looking for more Odessa Highlights?

The catacombs are among the most exciting activities in Odessa. If you have at least one day in Odessa / Ukraine and are looking for travel tips and other important information for your city trip, I recommend the article: Things to do in ODESSA, Ukraine in one day

Have fun in Odessa catacombs, have a good trip! 🇺🇦


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How to get to Odessa Catacombs by bus cheaply?


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