Things to do in Priština for a perfect day

You only have one day in Priština / Kosovo  and still don’t want to miss the best things to do and highlights? No problem at all with the travel tips and BIG5 checklists from JOURNICATION! A city trip to Priština – a capital off the beaten track. Let’s face it, there are more impressive capitals in the world than Priština, with more things to do and famous sights. But it is precisely the new, unknown that makes it. Discovering new paths, new stories and connections – and the youngest capital of Europe has a lot to offer! I personally enjoyed it very much.

What do you learn in this article?

BIG5 Things to do in Priština

You don’t want to miss any attraction? Find your checklists, travel guide & tips for the Prištinacity trip here:

BIG5 Priština – Speed Date


Touristically Priština is like the whole Kovoso a bit off the beaten track, super exciting!


Smoking is allowed in most of the cafés… and it is actively used!


Get into conversation with the locals, best of all in the street café or the daily crowded bars in the evening


If possible, avoid talking about the political situation or the war before your conversation partner starts on his own

Don’t tell your mother:

The journey with the night bus from Montenegro was already very borderline with the weather conditions…

BIG5 Priština – Rapid Fire Q&A

Did you feel safe in Priština? – Yes, definitely. The locals are curious, but friendly

Is there much to see here? – The list of sights is not very long, but it is a great city to discover and relax in the street cafés

Do I need a day pass for public transport? – No, most of it is easily accessible on foot. For longer distances in the city, single tickets are available at a reasonable price

What about nightlife? – You’ve come to the right place in Priština! More than 50% of Kosovars are younger than 25 years, especially in the evenings many young people are out and about or in the numerous bars and nightclubs in the city

Albanian flags on every street corner, I think we are in Kosovo!? – Over 90% of the population of Kosovo are ethnic Albanians, some of whom still identify themselves with the red-black Albanian flag

BIG5 Priština – Orga

Best travel time for Priština

There are pleasant temperatures and little rain from May to September.

Arrival & Departure

Visa: Check here, whether you need a visa for Kosovo with your passportFlight: Priština International Airport (IATA: PRN)

  • Flight: Priština International Airport (IATA: PRN)
  • Bus: From / to Skopje / Northern Macedonia (several times a day; ~ 2 hours, 5 Euro)
  • Bus: From / to Podgorica / Montenegro (1x daily; ~ 7:30 hours, 16-21 Euro). The bus can arrive very early in the morning, be sure to check with the accommodation to avoid locked doors
  • Train: From / to Skopje / Northern Macedonia (several times a day; ~ 3 hours, 6-21 Euro)

Next, we’ll go to… Prizren / Kosovo, Skopje / Northern Macedonia, Podgrorica / Montenegro or Montenegros Coast

Accommodation / Hotels in Priština

  • Recommended location: Everything is within walking distance of accommodation near Mother Theresa Boulevard
  • Budget: Prishtina Center Hostel (Boulevard Mother Theresa, 10000 Pristina; ~ 8 € dorm, ~ 20 € double room): Extremely good location right on the pedestrian boulevard, great hostel with terrace and everything you need
  • Budget: ODA Hostel (Zeki Shulemaja N.N Shaban Polluzha 3, 10000 Pristina; ~ 10 € dormitory, ~ 25 € double room): Cozy hostel in a prime location with a cozy living room
  • Medium: Super Central & Panoramic – Leo’s Apartment (Sheshi Nena Tereze 74, 10000 Pristina; ~ 35-40 €) Magnificent 5 * apartment with well-equipped kitchen and great balcony with panoramic views in the heart of Pristina
  • Noble: Swiss Diamond Hotel Prishtina (Mother Theresa St, 21000 Pristina; ~ 190 € double room): Treat yourself to luxury and feel like a VIP in a 5 * hotel – relatively affordable in Kosovo! The special Pristina experience

Price level in Priština

Withdraw money: No problem, ATMs are plentiful downtown. The practical way to pay is in Euro

Beer indicator: 0.5 litre of draught beer ~ 1.50 Euro

Costs for a taxi: 1 kilometre ~ 0,50 Euro

Restaurants in Priština

  • Liburnia (Meto Bajraktari, Prishtinë; affordable price category) – authentic, Kosovar dishes in a great atmosphere
  • Soma Book Station (4 / A Fazli Grajqevci, Prishtinë 10000) – great atmosphere with a cozy garden, bar and a large selection of Mediterranean dishes. Not to mention the bookshelves and vinyl sales
  • Miqt Taverna (Bulevardi Nene Tereze nr.16, Prishtina 10000) – simple, affordable restaurant in a central location

BIG5 Priština – Activities

  • Take a tour of the city – discover Priština on your own or with a walking tour
  • Climb the tower of Mother Teresa Cathedral for a great view of the whole city
  • Put your head through the letters of the Newborn Monument
  • Immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the locals at the bazaar
  • Do it like the locals: “Korza“! That means to go for a leisurely walk in the evening, get into conversation – see and be seen

BIG5 Priština – Photo spots

  • From the tower of Mother Theresa Cathedral with a great panoramic view over the city
  • The Newborn Monument from all perspectives
  • Do a fake high five with the Bill Clinton statue
  • The National Library was put on a list of the ugliest buildings – rightly so? See for yourself.
  • You want real life in Kosovo? Then you’re sure to find one or two motifs at the bazaar – definitely different from your supermarket around the corner

BIG5 Priština – Things to do off the beaten track

  • Attend a sports event, e.g. a basketball match at the Youth and Sports Centre (Pallati i Rinisë dhe Sporteve) Have a look at the match schedules of the local sports teams! Watching “Priština Plizat” in the national basketball cup in front of an emotional home audience was great fun
  • Soma Book Store Restaurant – immerse yourself in the Kosovar cuisine
  • Discover the varied history of the country in the Kosovo Museum
  • The bazaar certainly does not appear on the standard list of places of interest
  • Walk through the untouristy shopping streets and housing estates – there is much to see even without a concrete plan

BIG5 Priština – Culinary Journey

The Kosovan cuisine is influenced by the many ethnic groups such as Albanians, Serbs, Turks and many more.

  • Kebab – a classic of Balkan cuisine, also in Kosovo
  • Flia – combination of baked dough and layers of dairy products
  • Kosovar coffee – delicious testimony to the Ottoman influence
  • Stuffed peppers – often with minced meat or rice
  • Dairy products – Try the many local varieties of cow’s milk, sheep’s or goat’s cheese

BIG5 Priština – Communication

The official languages in Kosovo are Albanian and Serbian

  • Thank you – Albanian: “falënderoj” (ë speaks “a”) / Serbian: “zahvaliti
  • Yes – Albanian: “po” / Serbian: “da”
  • No – Albanian: “jo” / Serbian: “ne”
  • Hello / Good afternoon – Albanian: “përshëndetje” / Serbian: “zdravo”
  • Goodbye / Goodbye – Albanian: “lamtumirë” / Serbian: “zbogom

BIG5 Priština – Helpful Websites / Links

  • Official Website of the city
  • You can book a free walking tour for Priština here
  • If you don’t want to take care of everything organizational yourself, just enjoy your vacation and still don’t want to miss any sights in Priština, great tours are offered on site:


BIG5 Priština – Übersichtskarte with all things to do

BIG5 Things to do in Priština for your perfect day

A perfect day in Priština 🇽🇰 – here is your overview

Best suited for screenshots 📷📝

Your morning in Priština

  • Bulevardi Nënë Tereza
  • Skanderbeg monument
  • Sultan Mehmet Fatih Mosque
  • Big market
  • Ibrahim Lutfiu clock tower

Your afternoon in Priština

  • Newborn Monument
  • Mother Theresa Cathedral
  • University Campus & National Library
  • Bulevar Bila Klintona (Bill Clinton Boulevard)

Your evening in Priština

  • Authentic Kosovar dinner
  • Sports Event 
  • Nightlife of Pristina


In addition to the BIG5, I have summarized the things to do in Priština and the circular route for you in an overview map:

Click on the icon at the top left to use the full range of map options!

Adventurous night bus journey from Montenegro

On the night bus to Kosovo. Period.

Another action from the category “Are you serious? What did you do?” Surely not a picnic or a spa session tax-deductible. A trip through the rather untouristic northeast of Montenegro, at excessive speed through the mountains, suddenly over a closed snow cover (in May rightly with the question: winter tyres and all that??) – and all this in the dark.

Sleeping on the normal seats of an old Mercedes bus, which probably has its best time in German services long ago. The seat springs slowly but determinedly bore into the back. Quite challenging.

But joking aside, it’s not all that bad. The arrival is even one hour too early at the bus terminal in Priština.
Well, the border crossing around 3 o’clock in the middle of the night the vehicles did not exactly queue up in this weather. Border crossing from Montenegro to Kosovo, at night in the middle of the snowy mountains. Definitely a highlight of the trip under the category “adventurous”.

We are just a few minutes after a short taxi ride outside the hostel. After several futile attempts it feels like Christmas, a great feeling of relief when the door is finally opened.
Despite fully booked rooms we are thankfully allowed to stay and sleep on the communal couch. A night on the bus and on a hostel couch somewhere in Kosovo – on!

The Priština Center Hostel is (as the name suggests) very centrally located – important for a convenient round trip and a quick start for the city trip in Priština.

Read here which highlights you should not miss in Priština! Let’s get started!

Things to do in Priština: Walks on Mother Theresa Boulevard

As soon as one leaves the hostel door, one practically stands on the boulevard in honour of the holy mother Theresa (Bulevardi Nënë Tereza), elaborately adorned with many Kosovar and American flags.
Past Skanderbeg, the Albanian national hero, you will pass through the bustle of the pedestrian zone, locals on benches chatting, street musicians, workers rushing to the office. Let the impressions take effect on you.

Things to do in Priština: Explore the Great Mosque and surroundings

Via Mother Theresa Boulevard you quickly reach the Great Mosque (Sultan Mehmet Fatih Mosque) with its imposing minaret and elaborate interior design. The ceiling design of the Great Mosque is worth a wide-stretched neck!

Just behind it is the big market. Often not listed as a tourist attraction as such, I find local markets extremely exciting. There is nothing set up, nothing built up for tourists, nobody dressed up.

My personal highlight is a Golf 2, stuffed up to the roof with cigarette rods, which serves as a sales stand and mobile warehouse at the same time. Mainly everyday objects, electronics and fruit / vegetables are sold, but also clothes. Here the real life is playing, you can see the level of development of the country by watching what is bought by the common people.

Nearby is the Ibrahim Lutfiu clock tower from the late Ottoman period. If you’re ever in the area…

Things to do in Priština: Pose at the Newborn Monument

The tour continues to the city’s central work of art and symbol of the spirit of change in Kosovo.

Symbol of the independence of Kosovo and THE sight of the city. Every year on Independence Day (February 17th) the large letters get a new design.

You can pose here as you like and also meet one or the other (in Priština quite rare) tourist.

Newborn Monument im Zentrum - bei deinem Besuch sieht es bestimmt anders aus

Things to do in Priština: Enjoy the view from Mother Teresa Cathedral

The church, which has been the subject of much discussion, especially among the Muslim majority, is today one of the largest buildings in Pristina and offers an outstanding panoramic view of the city and the major boulevards. For little money you can take the lift up – one of the highlights of the city.


From here you also have a great view of two other controversial buildings in the city
The unfinished Serbian Orthodox Church of Christ the Savior on the university campus as a symbol of Serbian oppression. Its completion was planned for 1999, which prevented the outbreak of the Kosovo war.


The university campus is home to the National Library, which has achieved dubious fame by being included on the list of the ugliest buildings in the world. Whether futuristic-visionary or simply architecturally unsuccessful – form your own picture!

Things to do in Priština: Visit Clinton Boulevard & its statue

At the city road M9, the “Bulevar Bila Klintona” (Bill-Clinton-Boulevard) the statue of the former American president stands rather inconspicuously. Admittedly, when I drove past it for the first time I missed it. More conspicuous is the huge American flag, which is flying in the background above a house with typical monolithic architecture. Clinton and the USA played an important role in ending the Bosnian war and the independence of Kosovo.

Well, there was a lot to see, wasn’t there? After the city walk you best take a break in one of the numerous cafés and restaurants around the Newborn Monument and enjoy a fresh cup of Kosovar coffee – wonderful!


To be honest: Sure, there are more impressive capitals in the world, with more sights and famous buildings. But it’s the unknown that makes it here. The discovery of new paths, new stories and connections. That is why Priština is a good opportunity to change down a gear. The list of sights is quite short, but exciting.

Sit down relaxed, order your coffee, enjoy your book. There are nice cafés all over the city, for example directly in the passage at the Newborn Monument.

Attention: Smoking is allowed in most cafés. And the locals make extensive use of this opportunity. So don’t be surprised.

City trip Priština: How to spend the evening

How about an authentic Kosovar restaurant with a nice ambience and a good selection of local dishes? Then I can recommend the Liburnia Restaurant in the centre. And for dinner a big glass of beer of the local brand Birra Peja. Depending on the time of day and day of the week it is best to reserve a table.

Or maybe you feel like something completely different: a visit to a local sporting event! A personal highlight was a final game of the “Best of 5” round of the Kosovo Basketball Championship. Home game of “Priština Plizat“. The ticket booth is located directly at the Newborn Monument on the day of the match.

The hall was by no means sold out and actually I’m not an ardent basketball fan. But the atmosphere was great, the spectators cheered with great emotions while cheering for their own goals and insulting the referee, the “Plizats” finally thought it over and the canned beer in the hall was cheap! So: Keep your eyes, ears and Google open, if there are not such opportunities in one or the other city.

In Priština you are also just right to go out in the evening! More than 50% of Kosovars are under 25 years of age, especially in the evenings there are many young people out and about or in the numerous bars and nightclubs in town. Enjoy!


Have you ever been to Priština? Well, what are you waiting for? 🇽🇰

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