Things to do in Athens | Itinerary for one day

In this Athens travel guide, I’ll tell you the best things to do in Athens with one day itinerary and the most important travel tips for the Greek capital.

You have only little time or even only one day in Athens, Greece and still don’t want to miss any sights and highlights during your city trip? Then JOURNICATION is the right place for you! With the BIG5 checklists, a map with the most amazing things to do in Athens and my personal experience report with the best hotels, restaurants and photo spots in Athens you are well prepared for your trip to Greece.

You’ll see, in 24 hours in Athens there are more sights to discover than just the Acropolis, Monasteraki Square and touristy Plaka. Let’s go for a perfect day in Athens in 2023!

One day in Athens: Must-see places & Travel Tips

The best things to do in Athens – One day itinerary 🇬🇷

Your Athens checklist to not missing out on any highlight. Best suited for screenshots 📷📝

One day in Athens: Your Morning

  • Breakfast at “Stani
  • Embark on historical paths
    • Start at Hadrian’s Gate
    • Olympieion (Temple of Olympian Zeus)
    • Past the Zappeion
    • Olympic stadium
    • Changing of the guard at the Presidential Palace
    • Walk in the National Garden
  • Dive into the Plaka
    • Syntagma square
    • Churches of Panagia Gorgoepikoos & Cathedral of the Annunciation
    • Roman Agora & Tower of the Winds
    • Hadrian’s Library

Things to do in the afternoon in Athens

  • Monastiraki square
  • Areopag & Philopappos for great panoramic views
  • Take your time for the Acropolis
  • Discovery tour in Plaka
  • Picturesque alleys of Anafiotika
  • Trendy district of Psyri

One day in Athens: Your Evening

  • Sunset from Lykabettus hill
  • Dinner in a tavern


In addition to the BIG5, I have summarized the things to do in Athens and the circular route for you in an overview map:

Click on the icon at the top left to use the full range of map options!

BIG5 Things to do in Athens, Greece & Travel Tips

You don’t want to miss any sights? Find all the tips and your checklist for the city trip to Athens here:

BIG5 Athens in one day – Speed Date

What is outstanding in Athens?

In the historic center of Athens all sights – especially the BIG5 – are within walking distance

What sucks in Athens?

Always be on your guard: Be careful of pickpockets, especially in the dense crowds of the metro and the old town streets

What you should definitely DO in Athens?

Don’t spend too much time queuing in the Acropolis queue with the combi-ticket – buy the ticket at less frequented sights

What Not To Do in Athens

Book an evening of Greek folklore in one of the tourist restaurants in Plaka – with mostly mediocre food, even less real folklore is performed. No thanks.

What not to tell your mother about Athens?

The situation in Athens is still tense in some quarters, especially at night; Drug dealer hotspots include Platía Vathís and Viktoria Park

BIG5 Athens – Rapid Fire Q&A

How many days should I plan to visit Athens?

One day is actually enough to see the highlights of Athens, plan a extra day or two for more time in the museums and to explore more unknown neighborhoods (link to other articles)

When is the best time to travel to Athens?

Outside the high season! In summer it can be very hot and long stretches through full alleys can be tedious. Spring and autumn are therefore good travel times.

I have visited many historical cities, why Athens?

The city offers a great mix of impressive ancient history, proximity to the sea and port, and up-and-coming, hip neighborhoods

The Acropolis mountain seems expensive and overcrowded, should I still go up?

Yes, in any case. It’s a great feeling to move between the ancient buildings and the view in all directions is really great!

Is a Metro day or multi-day ticket worth it?

Not from my point of view, because everything is very easy to reach on foot.

BIG5 Athens in one day – Orga

What is the best travel time for Athens?

The best time to travel to Athens is spring and autumn (April, May & September, October), in summer it can get very hot and a discovery tour on foot can be sweaty – literally.

How to get to Athens?

Do you need a visa for Athens, Greece?

Visa: Check here whether you need a visa for Greece with your passport

  • Flight: The international airport of Athens “Eleftherios Venizelos” (IATA: ATH) is served directly by many airlines. Current very cheap flights include Ryanair from many European cities
  • Bus: From Thessaloniki (several times a day, ~ 6 hours, ~ 20 euros)
  • Train: Kalampaka / Meteora to Athens in a comfortable express train (several times a day, approx. 4 hours, 18 euros per person)

Next it goes to … Meteora or Thessaloniki in northern Greece, Saronic Gulf islands like Agistrior the famous islands like Santorini, Mykonos or Crete

Where to stay in Athens?

Where should I book a hotel in Athens? Recommended location: I recommend accommodations near the center (Syntagma Square) or at metro stations so that you can quickly walk or use public transport in the city. Avoid the areas north of Archaeological Museum and around Victoria Park

Athens offers all types of accommodation for all budgets:

  • Budget: Bedbox Hostel (11 Poliklitou, Athens, 10551; 14 € dorm, 55 € DR), very good location in the center of Athens, air-conditioned room
  • Budget: Athens Hub Hostel (7 Agias Eleousis, Athens, 10554; 26 € dorm, 90 € DR), close to the Monastiraki flea market, very practical and new facilities



  • Noble: Athens Utopia Ermou (Ermou 46 and Evaggelistrias, Athens, 10563; ~ 110 € DR), very good location and (breakfast) terrace with a fantastic view of the Acropolis
  • Noble: A for Athens (2-4, Miaouli street, Monastiraki, Athens, 10554; ~ 190 € DR), right on Monasteraki Square with the bar of the same name. Magnificent views of the Acopolis and the center of Athens

What is the Price Level / Budget for one day in Athens?

What is the currency of Greece? – The currency in Greece is the Euro (€)

Withdraw money: Goes anywhere in the city with the many ATMs; but beware of “Euronet” ATMs with overpriced fees!

Beer indicator: In the restaurant for local beer: around 1.50 euros, imported beer around 2.00 euros

Taxi costs: basic price: 1.30 euros; Price per kilometer: 0.75 euros (day) and 1.30 euros (night)

Public transport: single ticket € 1.40 (90 min.); Day ticket € 4.50 (24h)

Tip from the locals: Getting a taxi in the middle of the street at peak times can be difficult. Head to central stops (e.g. Sygtagma Platz) or have one called in a hotel

Do you need a travel adapter plug for Athens, Greece?

In Greece, C & F sockets are used with a voltage of 230 V with a voltage of 50 Hertz.

Do you need a travel adapter for the sockets in Greece? Then I can recommend you SKROSS Pro World travel adapter, which I myself have in my luggage for some time:

What are the best Restaurants, Bars & Cafés in Athens?

  • Breakfast and Greek yogurt: Stani (Marikas Kotopouli 10, Athina 104 32)
  • O Tzitzigkas kai O Mermigkas (Mitropoleos 12, Athina 105 63): The restaurant, whose name translates as “the cricket and the ant” (based on a Greek fairy tale), offers down-to-earth cuisine and is very easily accessible near Syntagma Square. We recommend!
  • Rooftop bars with a view of the Acropolis: A for Athens (Miaouli 2, Athina 105 54) and “360 Degrees” (Pl. Monastirakiou, Athina 105 52)
  • Coffee and cake: Nancy’s Sweet Home (Pl.Iroon 1, Athina 105 54) or the Little Kook / Mary Poppins (Karaiskaki 17, Athina 105 54)
  • In general there are many hip bars, cafes and restaurants on and around the Platia Iroon

BIG5 Athens – The must do Activities

What activities should you not miss in Athens in any case? Here are my BIG5:

  • Walk historical paths between the ancient temples of the Acropolis
  • Discover the Plaka on your own with a detour into the streets of Anafiotika
  • Use Monasteraki Square as a starting point for targeted sightseeing in the center
  • Discover the hip Psyri district for a coffee with heavenly chocolate
  • Enjoy the sunset over the city from Lykavittos Hill

BIG5 Athens – The best Photo spots

You may wondering about the best photo locations to take pictures for Instagram or your holiday album. Here we go:

  • Across Monastiraki Square with the Acropolis Mountain in the background – ideally from one of the surrounding roof terraces / bars
  • From the Lykavittos hill all of Athens from above, especially at sunset
  • From the Acropolis towards the sea across the Dionysos Theater
  • The many temples and buildings of the Acropolis themselves provide great photo opportunities, e.g. the Parthenon or Erechtheion
  • Take different perspectives in the picturesque Anafiotika district and feel like you are on a Cycladic island



BIG5 Athens – Insider Tips / Things to do off the beaten track

  • Marvel at the special change of guard in front of the Presidential Palace, not in the crowds of Syntagma Square in front of the Parliament
  • Start a discovery tour of the hip Psyri district with many cafes and street art
  • Discover everyday life on and around the Central Market – especially early in the morning
  • In general, the quarters outside the tourist center are ideal for discovery tours – for example Exarchia
  • Take a day or multi-day trip to the islands in the Saronic Gulf, e.g. the less touristy Agistri

BIG5 Athens – Communication

In Athens, Greece you speak Greek.

Here are the BIG5 words for basic friendly communication in the local language:

  • thank you – efcharistó (ευχαριστώ)
  • yes – nai (ναι)
  • no – óchi (όχι, mit dem Kopf nicken)
  • hello – geia (γεια) / kalí méra (καλή μέρα)
  • goodbye – antío (αντίο)

BIG5 Athens – Culinary Journey: What to eat in Athens?

  • Original Greek yogurt – according to locals, should be a little fluid and not too greasy
  • Souvlaki – sure, the classic – but still tasty and inexpensive
  • Stuffed grape leaves – There are different fillings and sauces
  • Fish / Seafood – As a city by the sea, Athens restaurants are predestined for this
  • Rakomelo – A mixture of raki and honey flavors, the “healing drink of Greek gods”

You fancy vegan food? Check out the Vegan in Greece guide!

BIG5 Athens – Helpful Websites / Links

  • Official information concerning the Combi ticket and free admission days to the Athens sights
  • Online booking of Tickets for the highlights of Athens
  • You don’t want to take care of everything yourself? Just enjoy your vacation and still not miss the best things to do in Athens? No problem, great tours and excursions are offered on site:


  • As additional inspiration source and a local travel guide, I recommend the specific Pocket Lonely Planet for Athens:

… or for whole Greece:

BIG5 Athens – Overview Map for your city trip

Things to do in Athens Highlights


Is the combined ticket for the best things to do in Athens worth it?

Short answer: YES

My long answer and reason:

You save money! The single ticket to the Acropolis alone costs 20 euros, the combined ticket with 7 sights 30 euros.

The combi ticket includes …

  • the Acropolis of Athens
  • the ancient Agora of Athens (Greek Agora) and the associated museum
  • Kerameikos and the Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos
  • the Temple of Olympian Zeus (Olympieion)
  • Roman Agora of Athens and the Tower of the Winds
  • the Hadrian’s library
  • Aristotle Lyceum (Lykeion Archaeological Site)

So if you plan to visit several of these sights anyway, the decision will be easier.

Even more important than money on a tight time budget in Athens:

You save time! You don’t want to wait in line in front of the Acropolis ticket center and lose valuable time in Athens? Absolutely understandable! My recommendation: buy the combi ticket at a less frequented place like the Olympieion with little or no waiting time and skip the line in front of the Acropolis – you already have a ticket!

If you want to experience the sights of Athens in a relaxed guided tour, there are many great offers:


Things to do in Athens for one perfect day

Athens: That means through centuries, through the cradle of democracy and philosophy. The eventful history was reflected in the same from antiquity and modern times. Explore the many things to do on a voyage of discovery in Athens. Marvel at the exciting view in ancient and modern parts of Greece’s capital. Athens – An important center of world affairs for many centuries. Come on a discovery tour through … Many sights are in the center of the city, exploring on foot is highly recommended.

You haven’t brought much time and you still don’t want to miss the highlights of this great city? Here you learn how!

Things to do in Athens in the morning

It will be a long day with a few kilometers of sightseeing in warm temperatures. A hearty Greek breakfast is the order of the day here.
If your hotel is a little sparse or you just feel like something really good and local: Stani is your shop! (Marikas Kotopouli 10, Athina 104 32)

Things to do in Athens Highlights

A perfect day in Athens starts with original Greek yoghurt & honey


Near Omonia Square, the restaurant offers homemade Greek specialties. A good yogurt with honey and nuts, a coffee or the typical Frappé from Greece – what else can go wrong during the day?

To get a first overview and learn a lot of interesting facts about the country and culture, I recommend a free walking tour. Since there are a lot of tourists in the city, especially during the main season, and despite many guides in various languages, you should book a tour in advance. I can personally recommend the “Athens Free Tour“.

If you prefer to discover everything on your own, here is my detailed route suggestion:

Start at Hadrian’s Gate

It starts at the imposing archway not far from the central Syntagma square. Wait, wasn’t Hadrian a Roman emperor ?! Well combined, Sherlock!

Exactly right, and already here it becomes clear what rich history awaits you in Athens. The Romans conquered Athens in the 1st century BC. BC and erected many important buildings.

Olympieion – the temple of Olympian Zeus

Directly from Hadrian’s Gate you look at the ruins of the Olympieion – also known as the Temple of Olympian Zeus – one of the largest temples in the ancient world. Today, only the huge pillars are evidence of its former size. The Olympieion is included in the combination ticket.

Things to do in Athens: The Zappeion

Pass the statue of the British poet Lord Byron, who was important to the Greeks – he took part in the fight for freedom – to the Zappeion, which today mainly serves as the venue for events and ceremonies.



The Olympic Stadium – the start of the modern Olympic Games

Next stop: The Panathinaiko Stadium. As the venue for the first modern Olympic Games, it was built on the ruins of the ancient stadium and is also known under the name Kallimarmaro (= “beautiful marble”).

A look through the fence is enough, paying admission is only partially worthwhile.

Experience the change of guard at the Presidential Palace

Attention insider tip: The elaborately staged changing of the guard every hour on the hour offers a nice spectacle. While there is a large number of tourists in front of the parliament building on Syntagma Square, you can watch everything in front of the Presidential Palace in a relaxed manner without having to queue or wait in close proximity.

The Evzones (presidential guard) wear striking fustanellas (skirts with extremely many folds) and tsarouchias (beak shoes with tassels). The shoes are studded and sound like horse hooves due to the powerful appearance of the soldiers. It is said that the Bavarian-born first Greek King Otto sent the soldiers around his residence (today’s Presidential Palace) to watch over the sounds of the horses at home.

Things to to in Athens: Stroll through the National Garden

The national garden is a welcome antithesis to the old town – quiet, not too crowded and very green. Enjoy the silence and the small botanical exhibition before heading into the tourist bustle of the Plaka.

If you need a break, there are also good opportunities for a quiet coffee or frappé.



In the tourist bustle of the center – The Plaka

Cross the main street and continue to Syntagma Square, the major traffic hub in central Athens with a view of the parliament building. You have already seen the change of guard and do not have to stand behind the deep rows of hobby directors with their smartphones.

Mitropoleus Street leads to the impressive religious buildings of Panagia Gorgoepikoos and the Cathedral of the Annunciation. The former is a Byzantine-style church, whose 90 reliefs from different eras make it a kind of open-air museum.

Are you hungry yet? The Ariston Bakery (Voulis 10, Athina 105 62) is on Voulis Street, which branches off from Mitropoleus! A dream for lovers of baked goods and local products.



Now you are moving in the historical center of the city, full of sights and testimonies of the Greek and Roman civilizations.

The Roman Agora or Roman Forum was an important place in ancient Athens. Agora means something like market place or meeting place. Today, only ruins from the former scenery testify to the octagonal tower of the winds, an ancient weather station and clock. The Roman Agora is included in the combi ticket, but you can also see a lot through the fence.

Last stop before a well-deserved lunch break: The Hadrian’s Library. Here too you walk on ancient paths through the ruins of columns and once magnificent buildings. If you have already bought the combination ticket, take a leisurely stroll through the ruins and read the informative descriptions.



Things to do in Athens in the afternoon

The linchpin of Plaka: Monastiraki

This square is really impressive, surrounded by historical buildings such as the small Byzantine church Kimisi Theotokou Mitropoleos of the Tzistarakis Mosque and close to many sights such as the Hadrian’s Library, the square is an ideal starting point for further discovery tours in the center of Athens.

And the Acropolis towers above everything – literally outstanding!
You can particularly enjoy the bustle on the square and the historical panorama from one of the rooftop bars. We recommend the “A for Athens” and “360 Degrees”. Of course, the cool cocktail has its price here, but how was it, “You won’t remember the money” – but the view will surely be remembered.

The place is also great for a cheap lunch. Most of the restaurants also offer souvlaki and Co. to take away on side windows – at humane prices in the otherwise expensive center.

Sit on the wall in front of the church and enjoy the hustle and bustle on the square, the music groups in the restaurants and conversations with the locals. On many days in summer there are also fruit dealers in front of the entrance to the metro, where you can buy your cherries or strawberries for dessert.



A great afternoon on the hills of Athens: Acropolis and Co.

It starts towards the Acropolis. From Aeropag Hill, the meeting place of the city administration committee of the same name in antiquity, you have a great panorama over the city and the central attraction of Athens. Watch out, the stones kicked smoothly by millions of people can be dangerously slippery even without rain!

Things to do in Athens Highlights one perfect day recommendation

View on Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill over Athens city center


Alternatively, the Philopappos hill is ideal for an Acropolis panorama from a different perspective.

Things to do in Athens: Visit the Acropolis

The Acropolis is undoubtedly THE attraction of Athens and the central tourist contact point of the city. Outstanding from Athens, the Acropolis can always be seen in the background from many points.

Sooooo many tourists, depending on the time of day long queues. Is it still worth it? Yes absolutely! You cannot go to Athens or visit the Acropolis. It is really fascinating to walk the ancient ways, between the many important sites and ancient temples. In addition, the Acropolis is a great vantage point over the whole city and only makes you aware of the huge extent of Greece’s metropolis.



You don’t want to wait in line for a long time? Then you should conveniently book tickets online in advance:


Or read more here: Acropolis Ticket Queue – BIG5 Tips to avoid the crowds


The imposing ruins of the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena and the Propylaea and many other ancient buildings are absolutely worth the climb.

You also have a magnificent view over the ruins of the old Dionysos Theater to the Athens port of Piraeus and the Saronic Gulf.



Go on a discovery tour in the Plaka

Now explore the plaka at your own pace. Definitely the place to be for souvenirs and shopping.
Tip: Don’t just walk through the crowds of the lower streets (e.g. Tripodon), but also discover the parallel streets that run higher, often not overrun by tourists.

Tired of the tourist bustle on the streets of the Plaka? How about a short trip to a Greek island? For those who don’t want to travel that far, the somewhat hidden Anafiotika district offers a welcome alternative. The blue windows and doors are really reminiscent of the images that are more familiar from the Cyclades Islands such as Mykonos or Santorini. In fact, the neighborhood was built by Cycladic immigrants who were inspired by the architecture of their home.



Spend a relaxing afternoon in the trendy district of Psyri

Do you still have time and desire to relax with coffee and cake? You will find what you are looking for in the trendy Psyri district, directly opposite Monasteraki Square!
Take the Themidos and Miaouli streets to Iroon Square.

On the way you will pass street art and many young people and immediately feel the relaxed atmosphere.

Are you a big fan of chocolate? Then I recommend “Nancy’s Sweet Home” right on Iroon Platz! Enjoy!

On the way back to the city center, be sure to pass the “Mary Poppins CaféLittle Kook (Karaiskaki 17, Athina 105 54) – or enjoy your coffee there. Impressive decorations – inside and outside – await you!



Things to do in Athens in the evening

Enjoy the sunset from Lykabettus hill

Now it is high time to prepare for the sunset. You can enjoy this best from the Lykabettus hill, the highest of the Athens city mountains.

Depending on the time and travel budget, there are three means of transportation for the ascent: a cable car, a taxi up to the top or on cobblers’ feet – i.e. on foot. If you first want to take a taxi to the foot of the mountain, it is best to take one from Syntagma Square. Stopping taxis from the side of the road can be difficult in Athens.

Insider tip: come early enough for a seat on the wall and bring some snacks and maybe some beer or wine.



Things to do in Athens: Have a delicious Greek dinner

Very important: Remember that the Greeks, like all southern Europeans, eat a little later and the restaurants open a little later if necessary.
After your long day, I can recommend the restaurant “O Tzitzigkas kai O Mermigkas” (Mitropoleos 12, Athina 105 63).

The name means “the cricket and the ant” (after a Greek fairy tale). The tavern is easily accessible near Syntagma Square. Here you will find down-to-earth cuisine. We recommend!

Here you’ll find great alternatives for your sunset or how to spent the evening in Athens:


As additional inspiration source and a local travel guide, I recommend the specific Pocket Lonely Planet for Athens:

What are the best day trips from Athens?

Athens is also a perfect starting point for excursions throughout Greece – whether day trips to the islands or multi-day tours to world-famous sights. If you have more than one day in Athens, consider day trips to the following sights:

  • Boat tour to the islands like Hydra, Poros and Aegina
  • Visit the Oracle of Delphi
  • Day trip to the floating monasteries of Meteora
  • Excursion to ancient Corinth
  • Mycenae and Epidaurus – important centers of ancient Greece
  • Nafplio – considered one of the most romantic cities in Greece


You don’t want to take care of everything organizational? Then watch out: Day trips in the region or tours to all of Greece are offered from Athens. Lean back and relax:


If you decide for a day trip to Mykonos, go on reading here.

Now you know the best things to do in Athens in one day and see what a great destination the city is in Greece. Is Athens with Acropolis, Plaka and many other sights now also on your bucket list?


Are you interested in more destinations in Greece?


Now you would like to visit Athens? If you would like to know anything else, please write to me! 🇬🇷

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