Things to do in BISHOP, CA for one perfect day

You only have one day in Bishop, California and still don’t want to miss any things to do and highlights during your city trip? No problem at all with the travel tips and BIG5 checklists from JOURNICATION! This Bishop travel guide shows you with maps the route to the best places within the bouldering & hiking paradise. You will receive recommendations on the best hotels, restaurants and photo spots in Brasov and an overview of the costs. You will see, in 24 hours in Bishop, there are more sights to discover than just the City Park or the Volcanic Tablelands. Let’s go for a perfect day in Bishop in 2021!

What do you learn in this article?

BIG5 Things to do in BISHOP

You don’t want to miss any sights? Find all the tips and your checklist for the city trip to BISHOP here:

BIG5 BISHOP – Speed Date


The bouldering, hiking and adventuring is endless


Prices are a bit high in Bishop for things like gas and gear but luckily the outdoor recreation is free.


Come to Bishop to experience the incredible scenery and explore the landscapes.


Leave Bishop without spending some time staring up at the starry night skies

Don’t tell your mother:

Some of the outdoorsy types you’ll run into think that showering is overrated.

BIG5 BISHOP – Rapid Fire Q&A

  • What makes Bishop worth visiting? – Bishop is a gateway to an endless number of incredible adventures both in its immediate surroundings and via numerous day trip options. The amazing climbing and hiking really define this area.
  • What are some good day trips to take from Bishop? – There are so many options to choose from if you want to venture out to see more of the incredible nature in the area. You can head south to Lone Pine to explore the unique rocky landscape of AlabamaHills and catch a glimpse of Mount Whitney – the highest mountain in the contiguous US. And if you head east from Bishop you’ll ascend into the White Mountains where you can walk among the ancient Bristlecone Pines – the oldest trees in the world. Or head north to a number of natural hot springs dotting Benton Crossing Road and continue further to Mammoth Lakes – another incredible outdoor recreation hub
  • Are there any big events that Bishop is known for? – For over 50 years, Bishop has held a huge event called Mule Days. Expect to see tens of thousands of people who come from all over the world to celebrate the tough, friendly, hard-working Mule. Mule Days takes place each year from Tuesday to Sunday the week before Memorial Day in May.

And what about climbing in Bishop?

  • What if I don’t have any climbing or camping gear with me? – Conveniently, there are a few outdoor stores in Bishop where you can buy or rent outdoor gear! Some options include Sage to Summit, Eastside Sports, and Mammoth Gear Exchange. Keep
    in mind though, it is likely cheaper to purchase elsewhere.
  • Where are the best places to climb? – For bouldering and rock scrambling, The Buttermilks, Volcanic Tablelands and Happy/Sad Boulders are great choices. And for sport climbing Owens River Gorge and Pine Creek Crags are top notch.


Best travel time for BISHOP

Bishop is a great year-round travel destination for the outdoorsy traveller! In the spring and fall, the temperatures are perfect for being outside and exploring the area. Summer temps get pretty hot making it the ideal opportunity for enjoying some much cooler high elevation hiking and backpacking. And the winter temps are mild in town but if you enjoy snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or backcountry skiing, the snowy mountains are a quick
drive away.

Arrival & Departure to BISHOP

Visa: Check here whether you need a visa for the United States with your passport

  • Flight: There are no major airports in Bishop. The closest international airport would be in Reno, Nevada.
  • Bus: The Eastern Sierra Transit Authority (ESTA) buses provide transportation throughout Inyo and Mono Counties. Inter-city bus services can also be found from as far as Reno in the north or Lancaster in the South.
  • Train: There are no trains to Bishop.
  • Car: Bishop is easily accessed by car. There are rental locations all over California.

Next it goes to … Mammoth Lakes, June Lake, Mono Lake or Yosemite National Park!

Accommodation / Hotels in BISHOP

Recommended location: Bishop is a very outdoorsy destination with some impressive camping opportunities. If you have or rent the gear, camping is the best way to experience the area. But if camping isn’t your thing then it may be best to choose accommodation near downtown/Main Street.

  • Budget: There is an insane amount of scenic free camping opportunities near Bishop.Two great places for camping with climbing are at the Buttermilks or Volcanic Tablelands. Both are free but be prepared, there are no amenities.
  • Budget: About 7 miles south of Bishop you’ll find Keough’s Hot Springs (800 Keough’s Springs Road, Bishop, CA 93514). Not only are the hot springs a great thing to check out while in the area but there is camping onsite for $30-35 a night.
  • Budget:Hostel California, (213 Academy Ave, Bishop, CA 93514) a hostel with shared spaces for adventurers ran by adventurers with a love for art and the outdoors $25/dorm or $60-100/private.
  • Medium: Travelodge by Wyndham Bishop (155 E. Elm St, Bishop, CA 93514 – $115) Conveniently located nice hotel with pool, free breakfast, mini-fridge and microwave.
  • Medium:Super 8 by Wyndham Bishop (535 S. Main St, Bishop, CA 93514 – $110) Located right on Main Street with pool, free breakfast, mini-fridge and microwave
  • Classy: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Bishop (636 N. Main St, Bishop, CA 93514 – $200) Luxury rooms with mini-fridge, microwave, hot breakfast bar, heated indoor pool.
  • Posh: Creekside Inn (725 N. Main St, Bishop, CA 93514 – $200) Beautiful rustic lodge rooms, complimentary breakfast served in the Whistling Trout, common area along Bishop Creek with warm fire tables, heated outdoor pool and spa.

Price Level / Budget for BISHOP

In the United States you pay with Dollars (USD)

Withdraw money: There are several banks and ATMs found throughout Bishop.

Beer indicator: $4-7 for a pint

Cost of a taxi: Bishop is a small town so taxis are not common. But an Uber ride within town will cost about $14.

Cost for public transport: Bishop’s Dial-A-Ride will transport you within town from $3-$4.50.

Restaurants, Bars & Cafés in BISHOP

  • Erick Schat’s Bakkery: This european-style bakery is a fixture of Bishop and an extremely popular road trip stop for artisan bread, pastries and sandwiches most known as the Home of the Original Sheepherder Bread.
  •  Holy Smoke Texas Style BBQ: A low-key spot for authentic Texas-Style smoked meat with classic sides and beer.
  • Upper Crust Pizza: You can’t go wrong with pizza, pasta and salad after a day of hiking and climbing!
  • Looney Bean Cafe: Choose from many hot and cold drinks and bakery items. They also serve breakfast and lunch items.
  • Mountain Rambler Brewery: Here you’ll find a great assortment of beers and some ciders as well as great food.
  • Bishop Burger Barn: Enjoy grass-fed beef, fresh baked buns, locally grown produce and milkshakes made from home-made ice cream in an off-beat and scenic setting.
  • Jack’s Restaurant: A welcoming small town diner with American comfort foods open for breakfast and lunch.It’s a popular brunch spot in town.

BIG5 BISHOP – Activities

  • Drive, mountain bike and climb on The Buttermilks scenic loop
  • Check out Bishop City Park – skatepark, tennis court, workout equipment, duck pond, grass, big trees, stream
  • Stop in at Wanaaha Casino
  • Visit Schat’s Bakery
  • Drive into the Eastern Sierras for stunning mountain scenery and hiking options

BIG5 BISHOP – Photo spots

  • The Buttermilk Loop
  • Sabrina Lake and Sabrina Lake Waterfall
  • Volcanic Tablelands
  • Long Lake
  • Scenic drive along CA-168 heading west from Bishop



BIG5 BISHOP – Things to do off the beaten track

  • Take a dip at Keough’s Hot Springs
  • Go hiking, bouldering or rock scrambling at the Buttermilks
  • Check out a cascading waterfall in the Sierra Nevadas like Paiute Lake Trail Falls or Cardinal Mine Falls
  • Hike and climb at Volcanic Tablelands
  • Visit Laws Railroad Museum or Paiute and Shoshone Cultural Center Museum

BIG5 BISHOP – Culinary Journey

  • Original Sheepherders Bread – Erick Shat’s Bakkery is known for their secret recipe since 1938. Get it in a loaf or enjoy a sandwich made on it.
  • Malt Milkshake – made with homemade ice cream at the Burger Barn
  • Texas Style BBQ
  • American/Mexican Cuisine – Find family recipes from Nayarit, Mexico at El Ranchito
  • Bacon Chili Cheeze Bread – Another must try at Erick Shat’s Bakkery

BIG5 BISHOP – Communication

In the United States you speak English

BIG5 BISHOP – Helpful Websites / Links

BIG5 BISHOP – Overview map for your city trip

Things to do in Bishop California highlights one day itinerary travel tips hotel recommendation: Sabrina lake near Bishop, California

One perfect day in BISHOP 🇺🇸 – here is your overview

Best suited for screenshots 📷📝

Your morning in BISHOP

  • Make a stop at Erik Schatt’s Bakery
  • Head to Looney Bean Cafe and choose from one of the many creative hot or iced drinks.
  • Head out for the adventure of the day! There is no shortage of options like climbing, hiking, or mountain biking.
  • Go for a scenic drive west of Bishop into the mountains to see South Lake, North Lake, and Sabrina Lake.
  • Go chasing waterfalls such as Pine Creek Waterfall, Cardinal Mine Waterfall, Mist Falls

Your afternoon in BISHOP

  • It’s not too late to head out for some rock climbing and hiking
  • Take a stroll or enjoy a picnic at Bishop City Park
  • Visit a local museum
  • Check out the Bishop Skatepark
  • Take a scenic drive or mountain bike a route in the Buttermilks
  • Go fishing along Bishop Creek Canyon, South Lake or Owens River

Your evening in BISHOP

  • Make a stop at North Lake for photos of this gorgeous lake (no hike required)
  • Find a cozy spot to stargaze
  • Set up camp and sit around a bonfire (check area fire restrictions)
  • Grab a beer from Mountain Rambler Brewery, Rusty’s Saloon or 1903 Taphouse
  • Refuel at one of the many restaurants after a day of adventure
  • Play some slots at the Wanaaha Casino


One perfect day in BISHOP / California

Bishop is a very nature-loving small town located in a valley between the White Mountains and the Sierra Nevada Range. It’s surrounded by unforgettable outdoor activities in all directions, making it a great central location for further exploration. You can try to have as many adventures as possible or just pick one great place to fully explore.

Things to do in BISHOP in the morning

A great way to spend the morning in Bishop is to pack up and head out on the adventure of the day! Stop by the Looney Bean Cafe for an energy boost on your way out of town and pick up some carbs at Erik Schatt’s Bakery to snack on throughout the day.

Drive up to Sabrina Lake for some high elevation scenery. From here you can embark on a day hike in the area, visit the Sabrina waterfall, rent a boat and spend the day on the lake, fish and even visit the cafe for some homemade pie and ice cream.

Alternative: Hiking in the eastern Sierras

Or get an early start and head out on a beautiful hike in the eastern Sierras to one of the many high elevation lakes that are accessed via Bishop Creek Canyon Trailhead, North Lake and Sabrina Lake Trailheads. The lakes that the trails start from are beautiful to begin with but in just two miles or more you can reach a diversity of high elevation lakes tucked into the stunning granite Sierra Nevadas.

Pick a mountain bike route that meanders through the out-of-this-world landscape of the Buttermilks and Tungsten Hills.

Tip: Pick a climbing destination and boulder all day! Or climb around awhile before checking out the other top notch climbing destinations in the area.

Things to do in BISHOP in the afternoon

After an early morning climb or mountain bike ride, drive down to Keough’s Hot Springs for a soak in the natural hot spring water which contains 27 minerals! The pools are developed but the water is free flowing and a day pass is $12/adult.

Climbing is a great thing to do in Bishop at any time of day! If you had a relaxing morning brunch maybe it’s time to head to one of the world-class climbing destinations in the area. Choose from the Buttermilks, Volcanic Tablelands, Happy/Sad Boulders or Owens Gorge. All of these locations have a “playground of rocks” to scramble, climb and explore. Even if you’re not a “climber” per se, the rocky landscapes are beautiful for photography, hiking and experiencing since you’re here!



After a relaxing morning in town, take a scenic drive to the high elevation lakes that are accessible by car. Walk around the lakes and take in the rugged Sierra Nevada scenery. And you can’t take a bad photo in such a beautiful place.

Stay in town and check out the Law’s Railroad Museum or stop by the Paiute and Shoshone Cultural Center Museum. Also, the city park has a nice duck pond, tall trees, a small creek with picnic tables and benches perfect for a picnic (Erick Schatt’s Bakkery is right across the street – hint, hint). You’ll also find playgrounds, tennis courts, a skatepark, public pool and workout equipment.



Things to do in BISHOP in the evening

As night starts creeping in, take advantage of the evening lighting to get some gorgeous photos in some beautiful places! Then as you begin wrapping up your adventures for the day head back into Bishop and walk around the town center. After you’ve gotten a feel for it choose a spot for dinner and drinks.

If you’re feeling lucky, head to Wanaaha Casino to play some slots.

And if you came to Bishop for the outdoors, set up and explore around your camp spot. Then enjoy the atmosphere and warmth of a good ol’ campfire. And as the fire burns out take time to turn your eyes to the skies. The stars are incredible.

Camping at Volcanic Tablelands


There you have it! Now you have a guide for how to spend an adventurous day in Bishop, California. Adventure awaits – get out there and explore! 🇺🇸


This article was published in cooperation with Shane & Katie, the authors behind The Lost Longboarder. Make sure to check out their Blog for more outdoor adventures and longboard tips.


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