The TOP 15 Things to do in Innsbruck + Travel tips

In this Innsbruck travel guide, I’ll tell you the 15 best things to do in Innsbruck and the most important travel tips for the exciting Tyrolean capital on the Inn River.

You have only little time or even only one day in Innsbruck, Austria and still don’t want to miss any sights and highlights during your city trip? Then JOURNICATION is the right place for you! With the BIG5 checklists, a map with the most amazing things to do in Innsbruck and my personal experience report with the best hotels, restaurants and photo spots in Innsbruck you are well prepared for your trip to the Alps. You’ll see, in 24 hours in Innsbruck there are more sights to discover than just the Golden Roof and the Nordkette. Let’s go for a perfect day in Innsbruck in 2022!

What do you learn in this article?

Checklist of the 15 best Things to do in Innsbruck

Here you have an overview of the 15 highlights in Innsbruck, so to speak your personal Innsbruck Bucket List to check off. This way you can make sure that you don’t miss any of the best things to do in Innsbruck.

  1. Mountain panorama from the Nordkette
  2. Hafelekarhaus on the Nordkette mountain range
  3. Imperial Hofburg & Imperial Church
  4. Court garden
  5. Cathedral of St. Jacob
  6. Market place with view of the colorful houses of Mariahilf
  7. Golden Roof – Goldenes Dachl
  8. View from the city tower
  9. Maria Theresien Street with Anna’s Column
  10. Ambras Castle
  11. Bergisel Ski Jump
  12. Hölbling House
  13. Hungerburg
  14. Alpine Zoo
  15. Sunset from Patscherkofel


In this article you will learn how to see the best things to do in Innsbruck in just one day!

Innsbruck Austria_things to do highlights one day travel tips hotel recommendation: The famous colorful houses of Innsbruck's Mariahilf district with the Inn River and the Nordkette mountain range

The famous colorful houses of Innsbruck’s Mariahilf district with the Inn River and the Nordkette mountain range

One day in Innsbruck itinerary 🇦🇹 – The best things to do

Your overview & checklist – of course best suited for screenshots 📷📝

Your morning in Innsbruck

  • Ride with the Hungerburg cable car and Nordkette cable car
  • Mountain panorama from the Nordkette
  • Hafelekarhaus

One day in Innsbruck – Your afternoon

  • Court Garden
  • Imperial Hofburg & Hofkirche
  • Cathedral of St. Jacob
  • Market place with view of the colorful houses of Mariahilf
  • Helbling House
  • Golden Roof
  • View from the city tower
  • Maria Theresia Street
  • Annasäule
  • Ambras Castle
  • Bergisel ski jump

Your evening in Innsbruck

  • Rooftop Bar für den Sonnenuntergang
  • 360 Bar
  • Hotel Adler
  • Alternativ: Sonnenuntergang vom Patscherkofel


In addition to the BIG5, I have summarized the things to do in Innsbruck and the circular route for you in an overview map:

Click on the icon at the top left to use the full range of map options!

BIG5 Things to do in Innsbruck & Travel Tips

You don’t want to miss any Innsbruck highlights in one day? Find all travel tips and your city trip checklist for one day in Innsbruck here:

BIG5 Innsbruck – Speed Date

What should you know before your trip to Innsbruck? So let’s go on a speed date:

What is outstanding in Innsbruck?

You see the mountains in all 4 directions. From the city center in a few minutes to 2,334 meters above sea level and the largest nature park in Austria. Possible: From the city directly to the slopes or to the alpine hike!

What sucks in Innsbruck?

Due to the location in the valley highway and aircraft noise can disturb

What you should definitely DO in Innsbruck?

Watch the sunset on the local mountain Patscherkofel

What NOT TO DO in Innsbruck?

Even if it seems tempting in the hot summer – don’t get the idea to swim in the Inn: It is forbidden and the current is too strong

What not to tell your mother about Innsbruck?

Innsbruck is an exciting student city (out of a population of about 310,000, about 130,000 are students). Accordingly, there is a very pronounced nightlife with countless rooftop parties or electro raves under highway bridges and in the Sill Gorge

BIG5 Innsbruck – Rapid Fire Q&A

Is a trip to Innsbruck worth it?

Definitely! Innsbruck is incredibly versatile and, in addition to an old town worth seeing around the Golden Roof, also offers magnificent vantage points and a panoramic view of the Alps directly from the city center.

How many days should I plan for Innsbruck?

The city center can be explored within a day. Innsbruck is also an excellent starting point for many excursions and hikes throughout Tyrol

Where can you park cheap in Innsbruck?

Innsbruck is a car-friendly city: in the city center there are only short-term parking zones and very expensive parking garages. Therefore, it is worth considering the use of the two park and ride facilities The public transport system is very well developed for this purpose.

Where can you photograph the colorful houses of Innsbruck?

The best spot for the most famous photo motif of Innsbruck is the wall at the Marketplace near the Inn bridge.

Is the Innsbruck Card worth it?

Definitely. The Innsbruck Card is especially worthwhile if you visit many of the included sights of Innsbruck, ride the mountain railroads or often use public transportation.

The Innsbruck Card is available for 24, 48 or 72 hours and is valid from the time of purchase. Information about the current prices can be found here.

Since you can use all of the city’s museums, the Alpenzoo and the rather price-intensive mountain railroads for free with the Innsbruck Card, the card pays for itself relatively quickly. Especially if you use the route recommended by JOURNICATION for a perfect day in Innsbruck.


BIG5 Innsbruck – Orga

What is the best travel time for Innsbruck?

The best time to visit Innsbruck is – virtually all year round. In winter and spring, the city is an excellent base for winter sports of all kinds, in summer for hiking and mountain biking.

Insider tip for your travel planning: In winter, there is no sun in the city center from about 3 p.m. onwards.

How to get to Innsbruck?

Do you need a visa for Innsbruck, Austria? 

Visa: Check here whether you need a visa for Austria with your passport

  • Flight: Innsbruck has an international airport (IATA code: INN), which is served daily by some airlines.
  • Bus: From Munich (Up to 15 direct connections daily, ~ 3 hours, 9-13 euros) Flixbus or other travel companies. Good connections. In winter there are ski buses

Next up is a trip to … Munich, Neuschwanstein Castle, Lake Constance (all Germany) or South Tyrol (Italy), e.g. to Bolzano

Where to stay in Innsbruck?

Where should I book a hotel in Innsbruck? Recommended location: If you want to be close to the highlights and sights of Innsbruck, it is best to stay close to the city center. For skiers and nature lovers, I recommend accommodation in Mutters or Igls.

  • Budget: Pension Stoi (Salurner Straße 7, Innsbruck; 72€ per night for a double room with shared bathroom), quiet but central guesthouse within walking distance of the main train station.
  • Budget: Blue Mountain Hostel (Kranebitter Allee, Innsbruck; from €31 per bed), hostel ideally located for skiing and biking, just a few kilometers from the city’s highlights.


  • Medium: Hotel Goldene Krone Innsbruck (Maria-Theresien-Strasse 46, Innsbruck; from 56€ for a single room and 77€ for a double room), family-run 3-star hotel in the heart of Innsbruck, breakfast room with view of the Triumph Arch.
  • Medium: Haus Falkner(48 Kreith, Mutters; doubles from €95), private accommodation with terrace and garden view for double travelers.


  • Noble: Nala Individuellhotel (Müllerstrasse 15, Innsbruck; from €180 per night for standard double room to €240 for Panorama Suite), design boutique hotel with garden in perfect downtown location.
  • Noble: Sporthotel Igls (Hilberstrasse 17, Igls; from €103 to €224 per night), 4-star sports hotel in an idyllic natural setting in close proximity to the provincial capital of Innsbruck.

What is the Price Level / Budget for Innsbruck?

  • What is the currency of Austria? – The currency in Austria is the Euro ( €)
  • Can I pay with Euro in Austria? – Yes, in Austria you pay everywhere with Euro.

Withdraw money: Especially in the city center you will find many ATMs, so that you can always get cash cheaply with the right credit card.

Beer indicator: For 0.5 liters of beer you pay in the center around 4.00 euros. Outside of the city you can get away with 3,50 Euro for less.

Costs for a cab: Currently, the basic fee is 6.60 euros. Per kilometer you pay an additional 1,80 Euro for a cab in Innsbruck.

What are the costs for public transportation in Innsbruck? 24h ticket: 5,90 Euro single trip: 2,60 Euro

Do you need a travel adapter plug for Innsbruck, Austria?

In Austria, F sockets are used with a voltage of 230 V with a voltage of 50 Hertz.

Do you need a travel adapter for the sockets in Austria? Then I can recommend you SKROSS Pro World travel adapter, which I myself have in my luggage for some time:

What are the best Restaurants, Bars & Cafés in Innsbruck?

  • Weißes Rössl – typical Austrian food in a beautiful, modern ambience mixed with classic furnishings
  • Trattoria-Pizzeria Due Sicilie – best pizzeria in Innsbruck
  • Himal (Nepalese) – incredibly tasty
  • HaPoel (Israeli) – good food, friendly staff

    At these restaurants it is worth to make a reservation! Better safe than sorry ☺

  • 360 Degrees (Rooftop) – great view
  • Adlers Bar (Rooftop) – great view, a bit more upscale
  • Living Room – student bar, cozy
  • Moustache – student bar, modern
  • Wilten Brunch+Bar – great for brunch or a piece of cake Kater Noster
  • Katzung – great pastry shop, unfortunately often full of tourists, because it’s right next to the golden Dachl
  • haepinest – cute modern café
  • Faktorei – Hotel Café, nevertheless nicely furnished, in the back corner you sit in a converted, glazed inner courtyard
  • Café Central – hotel café in Viennese coffeehouse style, good for breakfast, coffee and cake and for aperitifs

Well-deserved break at the Umbrüggler Alm above Innsbruck

BIG5 The must do Activities in Innsbruck

What activities should you not miss in any case? Here are my BIG5:

  • See the Golden Roof and the Maria Theresien Street
  • Climb the heights of the Nordkette and be “Top of Innsbruck
  • Visit the ski jump Bergisel
  • Visit the Innsbruck City Tower for a panoramic view of the city center
  • Explore the Hofburg Palace in the historic city center

BIG5 Innsbruck – The best Photo spots

You may wondering about the best photo locations to take pictures for Instagram or your holiday album. Here we go:

  • Bergisel (view of the city with Nordkette)
  • Panorama from the city tower
  • The historic alleys in the old town of Innsbruck
  • Market place (the colorful houses of Mariahilf with the Nordkette in the background)
  • Nordkette (with a wide view over the Alps towards Brenner)



Things to do in Innsbruck – Insider Tips + activities off the beaten track

  • Kranebitten beach (for airport enthusiasts and beach vacationers).
  • Mountain tour to the Patscherkofel instead of Nordkette – not quite as crowded, but with a wonderful view of the Nordkette and the city
  • Hike through the Sill Gorge
  • From Hungerburg you can reach the first alpine pastures on the Nordkette in half an hour on foot. You are still in the city and yet in the middle of the mountains
  • Sit on the Inn wall like the Innsbruck students – with a cool drink

BIG5 Innsbruck – Culinary Journey: What to eat in Innsbruck?

  • Schlutzkrapfen – dumplings filled with potatoes, usually served with butter and chives
  • Tiroler Gröstl – potatoes, meat and onions roasted in a pan – often with fried egg
  • Kaspressknödel – cheese all around and baked in hot fat
  • Kasspatzln – hearty spaetzle baked with spicy cheese and fried onions
  • Kiachl – yeast dough pancake baked in fat, hearty with sauerkraut or sweet with powdered sugar or jam
  • Special in Innsbruck: The Innsbruck Mule (based on pine schnapps), available at Kater Noster

BIG5 Innsbruck – Communication

What language do you speak in Innsbruck?

In Innsbruck, Austria you speak German.

Here are the BIG5 words for basic friendly communication in the local language:

  • thank you – Danke
  • yes – ja
  • no – Nein
  • hello – Grias di
  • goodbye – Pfiat-di

Things to do in Innsbruck – Helpful Websites / Links

  • Official website of the Nordkette / Nordkettenbahnen.
  • If you don’t want to take care of everything organizationally yourself, just want to enjoy your vacation and still not miss the best things to do in Innsbruck, great tours are offered on site:


  • As additional source of inspiration and practical guide on the spot, I recommend the Lonely Planet for Austria:

BIG5 Innsbruck – Overview map for your city trip

Here I have summarized the best activities, photo spots and insider tips in Innsbruck in a map for you:

Innsbruck Austria_things to do highlights one day travel tips hotel recommendation: Anna's Column on Maria Theresa Street in the heart of Innsbruck

Maria-Theresien-Street and Annasäule


Things to do in Innsbruck in the morning

A perfect day in Innsbruck is all about “magnificent views and mountain panorama” – right from the start!
Depending on your accommodation, you should think about an extensive (or second? 😉 ) breakfast in Innsbruck, possibly on the ski jump (relatively expensive, but great view).

And now the slightly different morning on a city trip: How about a trip to the high Alps – you can get here in just 20 minutes from the center of Innsbruck! Sounds tempting? Then don’t waste any time. Up we go to the Northern chain, the “Jewel of the Alps,” as the local tourist board titles it. The official name is actually Inntal chain, but because of its prominent location north of Innsbruck, the mountain range is commonly referred to as just “Nordkette – Northern chain” – makes sense.

I can already hear you retort: “Wait, I wanted a sightseeing tour and not a hiking tour – especially not in the morning!”. Understandable, but first things first: Enjoying the alpine panorama over Innsbruck and getting a good overview from above is certainly one of, if not THE highlights of Innsbruck. In the morning you are anticyclical on the road: On the Northern chain in the morning is much less busy than in the afternoon and much better light for photos (says the pro, my sister ☺).



Innsbruck Highlights: Hungerburg Bahn and Nordkette

You can get to the Northern chain either via various hiking routes or – especially if you only have one day in Innsbruck – comfortably and time-saving with the mountain railroads. You can easily book tickets online in advance. From the city center, take the Hungerburg cable car up to the district of the same name. Here the first sight is already waiting for you: The stations of the railroad are the work of star architect Zaha Hadid. The curved forms form an interesting contrast to the traditional architecture of the Tyrolean capital.

From Hungerburg, the Nordkettenbahn will take you up to a lofty height of 2,256 meters. You can buy tickets online on the official website. The ticket has a steep price, but it’s worth it! Especially if you only have a little time in Innsbruck and still want to enjoy the alpine mountains. Up here you have several possibilities: Start your hiking tour, relax and sunbathe or enjoy the magnificent view of Innsbruck on one side and the Kawendel Nature Park on the other.

Even if you are not ready for extensive hiking tours: You can already make it to the summit. Afterwards, the Hafelekarhaus directly at the mountain station offers refreshments with regional Tyrolean delicacies and delicious cakes. Eat and drink with a view – rarely is there so much truth in it. Sit back and enjoy the alpine panorama far from the hustle and bustle of the city center – just my thing and I could imagine yours too!

Things to do in Innsbruck in the afternoon

Have you had enough fresh mountain air and taken great photos of the alpine panorama? Then let the Nordkettenbahn and Hungerburgbahn take you back to the city center and start your tour of Innsbruck’s historic old town.

Depending on where exactly you’re coming from, you can start the tour at any point. Here is my suggestion suitable for a morning on the Nordkette: From the valley station (Hungerburg- and Nordkettenbahn) you first walk through the Innsbruck Hofgarten. The grounds have existed for more than 600 years and, as home to many different plants, are a popular recreational area for Innsbruck citizens. Some flowers were still planted by the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa herself. Today, various cultural events take place in the garden, from theater performances to concerts.

Passing the Tyrolean StateTheater, the next highlight is the Imperial Palace of Innsbruck. The former castle complex from the Middle Ages was converted by the Habsburgs into a magnificent Baroque palace. The complex is still inhabited today, but much of it is open to the public as a museum. Be transported back to the era of the Austrian monarchy and stroll through luxuriously furnished rooms. Be sure to check out the magnificent Cathedral of St. James from the inside! Baroque architecture and decorations at their finest. Especially the marble flooring in a chic pattern offers a great contrast to the elaborate ceiling painting in the domes!



Innsbruck Highlights: The colorful houses of Mariahilf

Continue along the Inn River. Passing traditional restaurants such as the Golden Eagle from the 14th century, the Ottoburg and the Inn Bridge, you come to the market square, from where you have a great view of the Inn and Mariahilf, the oldest district of Innsbruck. The historic colorful houses along the Inn with the majestic Nordkette in the background are an unforgettable sight. This is also definitely one of the best photo spots for your Instagram profile or vacation album of your Tyrol trip. There’s also a small viewing platform that you can climb up to for more photos.

Innsbruck Austria_things to do highlights one day travel tips hotel recommendation: The famous colorful houses of Innsbruck's Mariahilf district with the Inn River and the Nordkette mountain range

The famous colorful houses of Innsbruck’s Mariahilf district with the Inn River and the Nordkette mountain range


The market square is also home to – what a surprise – Innsbruck’s indoor market. Here you can find local and regional delicacies. You can order something to take away and enjoy it with a view of the Nordkette on the Inn River.

Things to do in Innsbruck: Visit the picturesque old town alleys

Via Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse you walk past the Inn Bridge into the alleys of Innsbruck’s old town. There are magnificent historic buildings to admire everywhere. The Helbling House with its fine stucco work and paintings stands out in particular.

Where the tourist groups become more frequent, the most famous Innsbruck sight cannot be far: the Golden Roof. The late Gothic state dungeon in the heart of the city attracts countless tourists every year. Not countless are the fire-gilded copper shingles that give the roof its name: There are exactly 2,657 of them.



In the immediate vicinity is the city tower. In the past, watchmen kept watch here for enemies or fires in the city; today, from a height of 31 meters, you can enjoy a magnificent view of Innsbruck’s old town and the full splendor of the mountain panorama.



During the Christmas season Innsbruck is especially worth seeing. The city transforms in many places – suddenly, as if by magic, there is a “fairy tale alley” with many figures from famous fairy tales as well as a “giant alley” with equally great figures.

Things to do in Innsbruck: Maria Theresa Street

Stroll along Maria-Theresien-Straße, THE boulevard of Innsbruck. Here you will find many stores and many opportunities for extensive shopping, if you have more time than just one day in Innsbruck. The street automatically leads you to many other Innsbruck sights such as the New City Hall, the Spitalskirche, the Annasäule or the Servitenkirche. Don’t forget to keep turning around here – the view with the great architecture in combination with the mountain panorama of the Nordkette is unique.

Innsbruck Austria_things to do highlights one day travel tips hotel recommendation: Anna's Column on Maria Theresa Street in the heart of Innsbruck

Insider tip for Innsbruck: Treat yourself to a delicious ice cream at Tomaselli! You can find the popular ice cream store at several locations in Innsbruck. The branch at Maria-Theresien-Straße 31 is conveniently located for an ice cream to go and captivates with the flair of Innsbruck’s old town.


Maria-Theresien-Strasse ends at the Triumphpforte. The large gate is decorated with imposing motifs of the Habsburg monarchy and is super suitable as a photo motif, with the Nordkette in one direction and the Bergisel ski jump in the other. If you’re interested, you can take another detour through the city center, past Landhausplatz, to the Tyrolean State Museum, which houses an important collection of historical and modern works. From here, you can comfortably walk the last bit to the Hofkirche. As its name suggests, it is part of the complex of imperial buildings in Innsbruck, along with the Hofgarten and Hofburg. Particularly worth seeing are the Silver Chapel and the imperial tombs.

The Triumphal Gate in the center of Innsbruck

The Triumphal Gate in the center of Innsbruck with view to Bergisel Ski Jump

Innsbruck Highlights: Bergisel Ski Jump

Should you still have time and desire for further sightseeing in the afternoon, there are still a few possibilities: Just outside the center is the picturesque Ambras Castle. Today, the imposing building houses a large collection of important works of art from different eras. Ambras Castle is no longer within walking distance of the city center, but can be reached in a relaxed manner without a car using public transportation.

From almost everywhere in the city you can see the Bergisel ski jump – and you can also visit it. From here you have a great view over Innsbruck and the Nordkette and gain an impression of the perspective of a ski jumper flying into the Bergisel Arena. There is also a lot to discover around the Bergisel ski jump – also a work of architect Zaha Hadid: On the Bergisel, there is a beautiful circular path around the jump for jogging or walking.



The highlight is the viewing platform at Drachenfelsen, a steel structure that juts into the Sillschlucht gorge. As the site of a famous battle in the wars against Napoleon, the Bergisel has a special significance for Tyrol. The “Tyrol Panorama,” a circular painting depicting scenes from the great battle, bears witness to this. Attached are the Kaiserjägermuseum and an exhibition with Tyrolean impressions. As a combination ticket with the Tirol Panorama and the museum, admission to the Bergisel Ski Jump costs 14 euros for adults. You can buy tickets online before your Innsbruck trip.

The huge painting of the Tirol Panorama in Innsbruck is worth a visit

The impressive 360° painting Tirol Panorama

Things to do in Innsbruck in the evening

With a little luck, you can experience a stunning sunset in Innsbruck. This is especially good from one of the rooftop bars.

For example, let the day end in the Bar 360° with a delicious drink of your choice. As the name suggests, you have a panoramic view of Innsbruck from here. Whether Bergisel, Patscherkofel or Nordkette – from here you have everything in view. There are seats both indoors and outdoors. And what could be better than relaxing and enjoying the mountain panorama and the sunset after a long day of sightseeing in Innsbruck?

A cool alternative is the bar at Adlers Hotel. Here you also have a great view over the city center and the mountains. In the adjoining restaurant you can also have a very good dinner.



Insider tip: On Thursdays there are evening rides up to the Patscherkofel, literally an outstanding place to watch the sunset. Many locals claim it’s the best place for a sunset in Innsbruck. There’s also a restaurant at the top with super views, if you haven’t already brought yourself a snack or drinks.



You have more than one day in Innsbruck?

There are so many things to do in Innsbruck and the region – easily too much for one day.

Yes wonderful, because Innsbruck has many more sights to offer. The suggestions for a perfect day in Innsbruck already result in a sporty list, absolutely. With a little more time in the Tyrolean capital, you can balance the program as you like and experience the Innsbruck sights even more intensively.

Below the Hungerburg you will find the Alpenzoo Innsbruck, which is home to many typical animals of the Alpine world. You can combine a trip here with a short hike to one of the alpine pastures on the Nordkette, for example the Umbrüggler Alm with a wonderful view over Innsbruck and the Patscherkofel.



For this the question arises: Is there a footpath from the old town of Innsbruck to the Hungerburg? Yes, there are pedestrian paths to the Hungerburg. However, some of these paths run along the street. You can cover a good part with the “Hungerburg Climb“. The descent can be done along the Alpenzoos. It goes through different parks back to the city center, past the iconic Hans-Psenner-Steg made of wood, together with the turquoise-blue Inn a great photo motif!

Visit Ambras Castle with a large collection of artworks, knights’ armor and weapons.

Ambras Castle in Innsbruck

Innsbruck is a particularly good base for outdoor activities: Only here can you meet people in full ski gear with their skis on their shoulder in the middle of the busy pedestrian zone in the city center – it’s so easy to get straight to the mountains from here. Or you can experience it as a “normally dressed” person standing in a gondola with skiers or trail runners in the Hungerburg cable car.

What are the best day trips from Innsbruck?

Innsbruck not only has many highlights to offer in the city center, but is also an excellent starting point for day trips and activities of various kinds in the region. You can take a few days to explore the surrounding valleys: Stubaital, Ötztal, Zillertal – all just a stone’s throw away!

Innsbruck is also a great starting point for day trips or tours throughout Austria:


Another great destination for a day trip from Innsbruck is Lake Obernberg, a picturesque mountain lake surrounded by the peaks of Tyrol. From here, it’s also not far to South Tyrol! Great destinations like Bolzano are waiting for you there!

The 15 best Things to do in Innsbruck 🇦🇹

Once again summarizing the Innsbruck Highlights as checklist for you at a glance:

  1. Mountain panorama from the Nordkette
  2. Hafelekarhaus on the Nordkette mountain range
  3. Imperial Hofburg & Imperial Church
  4. Court garden
  5. Cathedral of St. Jacob
  6. Market place with view of the colorful houses of Mariahilf
  7. Golden Roof – Goldenes Dachl
  8. View from the city tower
  9. Maria Theresien Street with Anna’s Column
  10. Ambras Castle
  11. Bergisel Ski Jump
  12. Hölbling House
  13. Hungerburg
  14. Alpine Zoo
  15. Sunset from Patscherkofel


Now you know the best things to do in Innsbruck in a day and see what a great destination the city of Tyrol’s capital is. Are Innsbruck, the impressive Nordkette and the valleys of Tyrol now also on your bucket list? 🇦🇹


  • As a source of inspiration and practical guide on the spot, I recommend the Lonely Planet for Austria:


Are you interested not only in Innsbruck, but also in other destinations in Europe? Then check out the other travel guides from JOURNICATION!



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