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The island of Murano with its special sights and things to do is perfect for a day trip from Venice if you want to escape the crowds in the tourist center. Murano is not yet so overcrowded by tourists and has retained much of its charm in most areas. The island is particularly famous for glass and glass manufacturers, but also has other sights and highlights to offer. Murano and the island of Burano can be visited in one tour, here you will find everything you need to know for a self-guided excursion to Murano.

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How to get from Venice to Murano

The best way to get from Venice to the island of Murano is by water buses / taxis, the “vaporettos”. It’s pretty straightforward and the journey only takes a few minutes. An inexpensive stop is the Fermata “Fondamenta Nuove” in the Venetian district of Cannaregio.

The single tickets for the vaporettos are quite expensive, so that you can use trading cards or day passes for your stay in Venice.

Past the Cimitero de San Michele, the largest cemetery in Venice (very impressive in itself), take the vaporetto to the island of Murano, north of the historic old town. Some vaporettos also stop at the Cimitero.



The “Murano Colonna” and “Murano Faro” vaporetto docks are ideal for the start of the discovery tour on Murano.

You don’t want to take care of anything organizational on your trip to Venice and still don’t want to miss anything? Then you can also comfortably take part in a guided tour on Murano from Venice. The other islands of Burano and Torcello are also included in some tours.

A perfect day on Murano 🇮🇹 – here is your overview

In addition to the BIG5, I have summarized the Murano sights and the circular route in an overview map for you:

Click on the symbol in the top left to use the full range of map options!

Murano Venezia Venice daytrip island things to do Highlights: Murano is a great destination from Venice

You should have seen these BIG5 Things to do in Murano

Murano consists of seven islands and has an area of ​​around one square kilometer. A good size for relaxed discovery tours on the completely car-free (!) Island. Find out more about the BIG5 Murano attractions here:

Stroll along the canals and visit the Faro di Murano

Like Venice, Murano is also criss-crossed by countless canals, which convey the same flair as the lagoon city, but are often much less crowded. The Rio de Vetrai in particular invites you to stroll and discover and offers great opportunities for photos.

If you turn right from the Rio de Vetrai, you come to Faro di Murano, a lighthouse that is still active today.
From here you can continue your circular walk along the sea and the canals of Murano.



Things to do in Murano: Visit a glass factory

Murano is famous for its artful glass works. Many of the locals work in this craft. So what could be more natural than to get an impression of the creation process live and in color? You don’t see real glassblowers every day today. The ancient ovens are still used today. On Murano you can experience this centuries-old craft up close.

The “Glass Cathedral Santa Chiara”, a former church that has been converted into a glass blowing and glass factory, offers a very good opportunity for this. The Mazzega Glass Factory is also ideal. The famous Murano glass is still exported around the world from the Venetian island.



You can conveniently book various tours and workshops online in advance:

Attention: Be careful in the souvenir shops of the island, unfortunately there are now a lot of cheap glassware from Asia.

Stroll across the piazza and under the bell tower

Yes, Murano also has its “Campanile“, the Torre dell’Orologio on Campo Santo Stefano. As with the Canal, things are much quieter here than with its big brother in Venice.

Another special building is the Palazzo da Mula, a Venetian villa built from striking brick directly in the canal. Also worth seeing is the church of Santa Maria e San Donato with its famous huge floor mosaic.

Find a nice café nearby and fortify yourself with an espresso. Again there is the cheaper option while standing. But also sit down, enjoy some Chichetti (Venetian tapas) and watch the locals on the plastic chairs while gossiping or reading the newspaper – Benvenuto a Italia!

The bell tower of Santo Stefano on Murano

Things to do in Murano: Visit the Museo del Vetro

In the meantime you have internalized it: Murano revolves a lot about glass! Therefore, the island is also a predestined place for a visit to a museum about this diverse material. In the museum you will learn everything about raw materials, production and subsequent refinement.

The “Museo del Vetro” offers insights into the craftsmanship and houses a large collection of unique exhibits. These range from found objects over 2,000 years old to modern art.

Go on a spontaneous discovery tour off the beaten track

Although it is nowhere near as crowded as its big sister “Old Town”, there are of course tourist and less tourist corners on Murano. Most of the tourists arrive in the south of the island, and this is also noticeable in the cityscape with its many souvenir and clothing shops.

If you have a little more time with you, go on a discovery tour in the less visited parts of the island, e.g. in the direction of the sports facilities in the north. Let yourself drift through the beautiful alleys and stop at a trattoria or café as you wish.

Explore the alleys and squares of Murano

Recommendations for accommodation in Murano

Most travelers only take a day trip to Murano and then return to their Venice accommodation. But if you want to stay overnight on Murano, here are some recommendations for every travel budget:

  • Budget:Ca ‘Del Pomo Grana’ Al Roman(Fondamenta Sebastiano Santi 12, 30141 Murano; ~ 50 € double room); cozy rooms with garden view in the quiet areas of Murano. There is a delicious breakfast here 🙂
  • Medium:Casa Sulla Laguna (Fondamenta Navagero Murano 86A, 34100 Murano; ~ 90 € double room), great guesthouse with a terrace directly on the sea. The versatile rooms also have a partial sea view, be sure to ask about it!
  • Noble:MURANO Suites – Venezia(Rivalonga 26, 30141 Murano; from 190 € double room), perfectly located in the center of Murano, you can really relax in luxuriously furnished rooms! Partly with great private terraces and grandiose views


Murano Venezia Venice daytrip island things to do Highlights: Murano's canals are usually less crowded than Venice

For the return journey you simply look for the nearest vaporetto landing and take the water taxi back to the center of Venice.

If you want to combine your visit to Murano with the other islands of Burano & Torcello, great tours are offered:



The day trip to Murano is part of my recommendations for Venice in 3 Days – Sights & Highlights


Buon Viaggio – Have a good trip 🇮🇹


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Things to do in MURANO / Venice for one day with Itinerary, maps & checklists

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