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Aloha, I’m Philipp – nice to meet you! 

In the past few years I was very lucky to be able to travel to 100 countries on all continents.

There is so much to tell. I would like to share what I have experienced and learned with you in order to introduce you to interesting destinations for your next trip and to significantly simplify travel planning and research!

How did I get to travel?

My youth is characterized by very down-to-earth trips with my parents to the mountains in southern Germany and Austria, and some summers on the North or Baltic Sea.

My “international travel breakthrough” came after graduating from high school with a professional stay of several months in Shanghai, a clear step out of the comfort zone, a dip in very cold water with regard to culture and everyday life.

After this initial spark, the fascination of traveling has left me in the past, in recent years I have been spending every day of my vacation abroad – including a big trip around the world in 2015 after completing my master’s degree.

So today I am traveling all over the world, alone, with friends or in groups. Backpacking on your own, organized tours with a guide or business activities with little time in the evening for tourist activities. Everything has to be planned and prepared accordingly – for everything you should know the “BIG5“.

Uyuni Salt Flats in Chile

Uyuni Salt Flats in Chile

What is my travel PHILosophy?

I love to immerse myself in the history and culture of a country, to get in contact with the locals, to experience something of “real life”. To learn why people behave the way they do?

That’s why I don’t like it when people and streets look like a staged film set for tourists. For me, this also means traveling away from the known ways, roaming through winding side streets, taking a detour through another part of the city.

The best way to do this is on foot. Here you have the time to adjust your speed to the perception. Especially where there are so many new impressions, the head has difficulty keeping up with everything.

The concept of JOURNICATION: The importance of good preparation

As a full-time travel enthusiast, I have an extremely long list of ideas – as a full-time employee, but only for a limited time – you probably know the feeling too.

So I like to leave well prepared for luggage, sights and activities. Admittedly, I suffer from “FOMO” (fear of missing out), the fear of missing something. This is especially true when traveling, there are so many great things to discover everywhere – if you know where to look.

Before traveling, I therefore put together information and lists so that I miss as little as possible – always a real research effort. I would like to take this from you with JOURNICATION, share my knowledge with you.

See a lot, experience a lot – BUT: sometimes pause, relax with a coffee and read a book is part of traveling for me.

Westafrika Togo Backpacking

Backpacking in Togo / Westafrika – Where to go next?



What does my bucket list / my BIG5 look like?

I’ve already had many great, crazy and thought-provoking moments while traveling.

The highest bungee jumping possiblefrom a bridge in South Africa, skydiving at Fox Glacier in New Zealand, climbing Kilimanjaro, watching the sunset from a deserted Fiji island, diving on the Great Barrier Reef, crossing borders in the no man’s land between Guatemala and El Salvador Discovery tour in the shady side streets of Tijuana, backpacking in West Africa without electricity and running water, walking on the Great Wall of China or the old silk road, Caipirinha sipping on the Copacabana in Rio.



Of course I also have my own travel bucket list, long and constantly changing with new ideas. I redefine it for myself and instead use the term BIG5 by John Streckely from his bestseller “The Big 5 for Life“. A brilliant book, especially when you are completely out of your everyday life on a trip and your mind is open for self-reflection and new ideas. What are the 5 great travel experiences I want to enrich my life with? Looking back, what would I like to be able to tell later?

It’s not so much about specific places, but about experiences or insights that I have gained in my development and would like to gain.

 – Have flown once around the world by crossing the date line

Visiting 100 countries
– Travel with complete flexibility and freedom of choice as to how to proceed the next day
Leave the personal comfort zone with regard to western standards
– An extended adventure trip, on foot, by bike or off-road vehicle

I was able to experience some of what you will find in the articles.


Get inspired, have fun on your next adventure!


Get on your way and discover what your travel BIG5 are! 💡

Or do you already know them? I’m curious!



Grandios, dass du hier bist!

Aloha, ich bin Philipp, schön dich kennenzulernen!

Ich habe 100 Länder bereist und möchte mein Wissen und die Geschichten aus aller Welt mit dir teilen.

Komm mit und finde hier auf JOURNICATION Unterstützung und Inspiration für deine nächste Reiseplanung!

Praktische Zusammenfassungen, persönliche Empfehlungen und authentische Reiseberichte warten auf dich!

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