Wallonia Road trip – Itinerary, Things to do & Tips

Would you like to do a Wallonia Road trip in the south of Belgium and are you looking for the best hightlights and things to do for 3-4 great days? Then you are exactly right here! In the French-speaking part of Belgium, amazing places like picturesque old towns, pure nature and diverse culinary delights await you. Wallonia can be easily reached from Brussels, Luxembourg or Cologne / Germany and is the ideal destination for a road trip in Europe – or a short weekend getaway.

What do you learn from this article?

Route for 4 days Wallonia Road trip – pure nature & picturesque old towns

4 days Wallonia / Belgium: the route at a glance

1 – Liège
2 – Huy & Namur
3 – Dinant & Bouillon
4 – La Roche-en-Ardenne & Durbuy

Optional: One day each in Mons & Luxembourg



Of course, you can also do the route in reverse order.

Before it begins: Check here, whether you need a visa for Belgium with your passport.

What are the BIG5 highlights of this Wallonia Road trip?

  • Physical challenge on the Montagne de Beuren in Liège
  • Marvel at the Namur Citadel
  • Discover beautiful castles like Chateau Vêves
  • Enjoy the view of Dinant from the citadel
  • Paddle on one of the many Ardennes rivers



Summary of the best places to visit & things to do in Wallonia / Belgium


  • Liege-Guillemins station
  • City center (cathedral, prince-bishop’s palace)
  • Waffle at Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette
  • Montagne de Bueren
  • Belvédère Liège


  • Old Town (Grand Place, City Museum)
  • Notre-Dame Collegiate Church
  • Fortress Li Tchestia


  • Old Town (Stock Exchange, Belfry of Namur)
  • Citadel


  • Citadel
  • Rocher Bayard
  • Maison Leffe
  • Vêves Castle


  • Boullion Castle
  • Kayak tours on the Semois

La Roche-en-Ardenne

  • Fortress
  • Old town
  • Activities on the water / hiking


  • Old town
  • Adventure Valley & Cornfield Maze

How does the 4 day Wallonia tour go in detail?

Wallonia Road trip Day 1: Liège

Architectural highlights & record-breaking steps

The economic center of Wallonia has more to offer than just its famous waffles. Discover architectural highlights such as the Liege-Guillemins train station, designed by the star architect Santiago Calatrava, and expressive street art. From here, it’s best to take a bus to the center, which walks comfortably through the park in the Outremeuse district along the Meuse.



Stroll through the city center, past the post office, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Prince-Bishop’s Palace.
You shouldn’t miss a culinary highlight: The Liège waffles (gaufres), in contrast to the Brussels waffles, are baked with yeast dough and are sugar-sweet. You can see where you can buy the best sweets – including waffles, of course – from a long line on the street in front of the shop „Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette“, THE address in Liège for all kinds of baked goods.

The Hors Château street, lined with old houses, takes you to one of the best sights of Liège: the Montagne de Bueren. A total of 374 steps lead up the staircase, which is considered to be one of the steepest in the world. A bit sweaty, but worth it: From up here you have a great view over the city! Or even better a few minutes further, from the citadel’s viewpoint: La Belvédère Liège.


Enjoy Belgian beer and a great nightlife

What else is Belgium known for besides waffles? Right, Belgian beer! For the successful ascent of the Montagne de Bueren you can reward yourself in the “Brasserie C”, right at the foot of the steps. A brasserie is typical for France and Wallonia and describes a restaurant that, in contrast to a restaurant, is a bit more simply furnished – but this does not have to be negative.

Another good place to have a refreshing drink are the many brasseries on the Place du Marché opposite the town hall “la Violette”, where you can enjoy your dinner under the trees. Do you fancy a wild nightlife? You will surely find that in the inner city quarter of “Le Carré“, where one bar after the other is lined up in some alleys.

Tip: If you are in town on a Sunday, you will find the “Marché de la Batte” on the riverbank, a large market with everything your heart desires.



Here you will find cheap accommodation in Liège and surroundings.

Wallonia Tour Day 2: Huy & Namur

Huy – the city of the four wonders

I hope the night in Le Carré wasn’t too long? After a good breakfast in Liège, we continue along the Meuse towards Namur.

On the way is the Huy, known as the “City of 4 Wonders” and the “Mur de Huy”, a particularly steep stretch that is often used in bike races. “Les Quatre Merveilles”, the 4 wonders, still bear their original Walloon names.

You can park particularly well by the river. Stroll across the market square (Grand Place) in the cozy old town with the town hall and Li Bassinia (one of the 4 “wonders”). If you have a little more time with you, the city museum in the former monastery of the Frères Mineurs is definitely worth a visit.
From there you can walk in an arch past the old city wall to the Notre-Dame collegiate church. In the massive tower you will find “Li Rondia”, the largest rose window in Wallonia (miracle).


From here you can take the footpath to another wonder: Li Tchestia, the fortress – don’t worry, it’s not too far or exhausting. The fortress has a checkered history, built by Dutch troops via Napoleon to the German occupation in World War II. Go on a journey through time and explore the deep passages and corridors. No question about it – the Li Tchestia is of course THE vantage point and place for great photos in Huy.

You have more great photo pointsin Huy from the King Baudouin Bridge (Li Pontia, another wonder) and the La Buissière cemetery.

Time travel through Walloon history in Namur

Namur is the capital of Wallonia and is located around 65 kilometers south of Brussels. It’s around 40 minutes along the Meuse from Huy here.

The picturesque old town is quite compact and can be explored wonderfully on foot – a large part is even a pedestrian zone. The magnificent buildings of the old meat market and the Chamber of Commerce, the Place du Vieux Marché and the Beffroi Tower, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are particularly worth seeing.


One of the highlights is without a doubt the Namur Citadel. Due to the strategic importance of the city at the confluence of the Maas and Sambre rivers, it was fortified early on and continuously expanded to defend the region. From the Walloon Parliament you go up the steps to the fortress walls on several levels.

A special sculpture of a huge golden turtle with a rider at the entrance of the citadel, which is supposed to serve as a symbol for the cozy lifestyle of the Namur residents.

From above you have a magnificent view over all of Namur, the old town and over the rivers. In the citadel there are various exhibitions, a guided tour through the underground fortifications and gastronomy with a view for a welcome refreshment. Click here for the official website.



Discover the treasures of Namur using different modes of transport

Tip: You can also drive up to the citadel directly by car via wide access roads. The area of the citadel is very extensive and the car helps if you don’t want to walk too far or have little time.

You can also explore Namur in two other ways: Small excursion boats, the “Namourettes”, operate on the Maas and Sambre rivers. Let yourself be driven relaxed across the water and experience the old town and citadel from a very special perspective.
With “Li Bia Velo”, Namur offers a great program for rental bicycles that can be picked up and parked at various stations in the city. A convenient way for you to explore the riverside and neighborhoods outside of the center. Here is the official website.

Here will you find cheap accommodation in Namur and surroundings.

Wallonia Road trip Day 3: Dinant & Boullion

Dinant – Wallonia’s tourist hotspot

When it comes to the most touristic places in Wallonia, Dinant is sure to be among the top spots. And rightly so. The city is picturesquely situated on the Meuse, steep cliffs rise above the Notre-Dame church and the citadel of Dinant towers above everything.

Over the past few years, the city has become known primarily for its great photos on social media and is regularly overrun by large crowds, for whom the small streets and paths on the riverside are not really designed.
Nevertheless: absolutely worth seeing! Steep steps and a comfortable cable car lead up to the citadel of Dinant. Admission to the citadel and its exhibition including the cable car is 10 euros.

The city is famous for its son Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone, and for the wounding of the future French President Charles de Gaulle during the First World War in 1914 while defending the important Maas bridge, which is still remembered today by a statue.



If you have a little more time in Dinant, there are a number of beautiful circular routes along the river, including to the Notre-Dame de Leffe Abbey, namesake for the world-famous type of beer.

On the way you will pass Rocher Bayard, an impressive rock formation. The Vêves Castle on the Dinant – Rochefort road is definitely worth the detour. Please note the opening times, however, guided tours through the castle are not always possible – but only absolutely worth seeing from the outside.



Find the best things to do in Dinant in the dedicated article on JOURNICATION.

Experience the small town idyll in Bouillon

You will find an equally picturesque scene in the small town of Bouillon right on the French border. A fortified castle towers over the old town and the Semois river. You can visit the castle of Bouillon, the Gothic hall and the double drawbridge are particularly interesting.

I hardly need to mention that you also have a great view of the city, the river and the surrounding area from the bridge.

Would you like to paddle relaxed across the Semois? No problem at all, you can go straight from Bouillon or the nearby Alle-sur-Semois with “La Vanne“ with a kajak tour 


Wallonia Belgium round trip itinerary route sightseeing tips: Great atmosphere in Bouillon on the Semois


Spend a different night: La ferme d’a Yaaz

Would you like to get up in the morning and be greeted by a herd of alpacas right in front of the hut? Then I have a personal recommendation for a unique overnight stay: the farm La ferme d’a Yaaz.

An idyllic property in Arlon in the south of Wallonia with lots of animals, from rabbits to horses. But it’s not just families with children who have fun here, the small huts are suitable for all travelers.

From here it is only 9 kilometers to the Luxembourg border, where you can, for example, fill up cheaply and buy certain goods.



In general, the area is ideal for day trips to Luxembourg, so if you have even more time: Off to the Principality!

Wallonia Road trip Day 4: La Roche-en-Ardenne & Durbuy

Enjoyment by the river in La Roche-en-Ardenne

On the way to La Roche-en-Ardenne you will pass Bastogne, a particularly important place during the German Ardennes offensive in World War II in 1944 and a correspondingly fierce battle. You will find many monuments and museums here, as well as tanks from that time.


In many places, tanks from the Second World War are a reminder of the Battle of the Bulge in 1944 - here in La Roche-en-Ardenne


The town of La Roche-en-Ardenne is located in the woods of the Ardennes on the river Ourthe, a very popular destination not only for locals.

You will find free parking spaces just outside the center in the direction of the camping site. As is so often the case in Wallonia, this strategic position is also dominated by a fortress. Stroll through the old town or the many hiking trails in the area, maps are available in the local tourist information (Website).

Have you walked enough but still not tired? La Roche is a great place for a leisurely pedal boat ride or a stand-up paddle ride.
Be sure to try Ardennes ham in the region.

For a refreshment, I recommend Le Quai Son with nice lounge chairs and tables right on the river.



Cozy old town and Adventure Valley in Durbuy

We continue through the hilly landscape of the Ardennes towards Durbuy. Uphill, downhill, past rivers, farms, campsites and, above all, lots of cyclists when the weather is good.

When you arrive in Durbuy, the “smallest city in the world”, you start looking for a parking space. There are some free alternatives right in the center, especially in the hills. The picturesque old town is often full of tourists, so you can find a corresponding number of restaurants, cafés and bars here.

My favorite café in Durbuy: C’est de la faute de maman, literally translated as “My mother’s fault”. Be sure to try the homemade lemonades and the cake, which changes daily.

But first you should continue your walk. You have a good photo spot for the castle on the other side of the river, directly to the left of the bridge – or on the bridge itself.



Tired of castles and old towns? Then there are two great alternatives in Durbuy: The “Adventure Valley Durbuy“, the largest adventure park in Belgium with a high ropes course, rock climbing wall and much more. Or the labyrinth of Barvaux-sur-Ourthe, a huge labyrinth in a corn field.

Have you had a tough day and don’t want to leave today? Here you will find  cheap accommodation in Durbuy and the surrounding area.

Wallonia Road trip: ideas for more days

Have you brought more time with you in the region? Great, there are other great destinations to discover:

  • Only about an hour by car or train from Namur is the Mons, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its old town and imposing cathedral.
  • Belgium’s capital Brussels, with world-famous sights such as the Atomium, the European Quarter and a great old town, is also just over an hour away from Namur
  • Would you like to visit another country? Then a trip to Luxembourg and the capital of the principality of the same name is ideal.


Conclusion for 4 days Wallonia round trip

As you can see, 4 days are a very sporty program, but not everyone has a generous vacation and time budget. In Wallonia, however, you can also easily spend a whole week, depending on your focus and your interests.

The region in the south of Belgium is very diverse and there is something for everyone.

Wallonia Belgium round trip itinerary route sightseeing tips: View from the citadel on the old town and bridge of Dinant

Cheap accommodation in Wallonia

Are you looking for the best accommodation in Wallonia?
In the region you will find …

Accommodation on Airbnb is particularly recommended for the rural regions of the Ardennes.

What are the costs for 4 days in Wallonia?

Here you can see the cost estimate for your Wallonia tour summarized:

Gasoline cost

For this proposal, you cover 330 kilometers for a round trip from Liège to Durbuy.


Calculate an average of around 70 euros per night in a single room (depending on comfort and location)

Food and drinks

You should plan around 35 euros per day for food and drink.

Entrance fees to attractions

That depends on your personal preference, 10 euros per day is a good average

Shopping & souvenirs

… are of course completely in your hand. There are many exotic and special ones

Conclusion: total costs of 4 days Wallonia Road trip

With the average costs, you have to expect a total of around 500 euros for the 4-day round trip in Wallonia, excluding arrival and departure.

The prices for transport, internet etc. change quickly, so that I can only give a rough indication, but the effort is too great to keep every price up to date on a daily basis. Bear with me 🙂

Wallonia Belgium round trip itinerary route sightseeing tips: Namur: Panoramic view from the citadel of the Meuse and the Jambes district

Alternative routes for a 4 day Wallonia round trip

Would you like to suggest your own route, other sights in Wallonia or alternatives? Feel free to write to me at [email protected] or in the comments.


Now you are well prepared for a round trip in Wallonia in the south of Belgium and you know the most beautiful places, sights and activities for 3-4 great days! Bon Voyage 🇧🇪


If you plan to go on to the Netherlands, have a look a the Amsterdam bucket list from my friend Sydney. A personal recommendation is to link your Wallonia holidays to a visit of Brussels.


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